Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Favorites

I tried a few new things out on my run today and I officially have a few new favorites:
  1. Fuel Belt: I tried out my new four bottle Endurance Fuel Belt and I was really happy with it. It stayed in place and felt really comfortable the entire way.
  2. Sharkies: I finally tried these organic energy fruit chews out in Berry Blast (cherry and blackberry flavors). These actually tasted really good - kind of like a gummy candy but not as sweet, and not as salty tasting as the Sport Beans. Plus the small size was more manageable than the Clif Shot Bloks. And the best part? They are shaped like small little sharks!
  3. I took this running skirt out for its first spin and I think this surpasses the Skirt Sports Gym Girl on the favorite list. The fit was great, and no chafing. I may look into getting one or two more these..!!

1 comment:

lisa sabin said...

I like the sharkies! Good stuff! You are the second person to mention these running skirts. I am tempted to give them a try.