Friday, August 24, 2007

BBC #14

Wow....only one week left of BBC and Instructor S is really turning it up another notch on the intensity level. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure that I can fully remember or explain what all we did last night, but here goes...
I ran my 2 mi and scooted it over for the beginning of boot camp. We warmed up with a jog, then heard about circuit #1 that we would be completing. We partnered up and ran through the following exercises:
  • Diamond push ups. Make a diamond shape with your thumb and index fingers for your hand placement for push ups. When you lower down, your hands should be directly under your breast bone (oh boy, I'm going to be coming up in some google searches now for something other than where Corey Feldman lives...). These work your triceps pretty well. Ouch.
  • Ski jumps from side to side. My rear was still hurting from all the jumping lunges on Tuesday so you can bet that felt good.
  • Sit ups with a medicine ball, tossing the ball back and forth to your partner.
  • Cross country ski squats using resistance tubing. Link some resistance tubing together with your partner. You squat at the same time and pull your arms back like you are cross country skiing. Yikes, those tired the arms out.
  • Clean and press with a weighted bar.
  • Walking lunges, twisting side to side.

We did the exercises for a minute at each rotation, and repeated the circuit twice. We ran sprint pyramids in between. After that we did another more cardio based circuit with more lunges, sprints, backwards running and burpees. I was tired..... Time to cool down with another jog around the park and some push ups.

Instructor S really pulled some tough push ups out of her hat for the evening. They had many nick names....dolphin push ups...being one. DGB, if you want to comment and remind me on the other nicknames I conveniently can't remember, feel free. I wish I could find a picture to attempt to show you how we were supposed to do them, but suffice it to say, they were tough. Start in a downward dog pose, bend your elbows and attempt to get your chest near the floor in a dolphin like movement. I think I managed to get half way... We all cried mercy and begged for abs, then a stretch rounded out the evening.

As an aside....I totally blew past my 100th post and missed the milestone occasion. So here we are, post number 104. Wow. Thanks for reading readers, and keep the comments coming!


Moon said...

man, just reading about your boot camp makes me feel tired! I don't know that I could manage even half the stuff you guys do.

oh yeah, and sorry to hear about your shoes! then again, it can be kind of fun picking out a new pair...sort of....

DGB said...

Other names for dolphin pushups - hmmm sex pushups as one girl explained, but I think they were more like entrapment pushups, y'know Catherine Zeta-Jones going up and under laser beams. That's what it reminded me of. Ya, we're as buff as CZJ, YA RIGHT!! But we're getting there! I'm sad there are only 2 sessions left. :(

Oh and you forgot to mention the squats with tubing.

TNTcoach Ken said...

How many hours are in your days? You must be in some alternate time zone. I can't even keep up with your post and you're out doing everything under the sun! Whew, okay I think I've caught up.

Angry Runner said...

Sex pushups? What? Where???