Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Nutritionathon Update, Lunch Time Pilates

I posted that I was going to follow Amanda's lead and start my own Nutritionathon. Before everyone starts worrying that I said I'd take part and had immediately fallen off the bandwagon (because I'm sure everyone is worrying) - Nutritionathon is alive and well. Starting mid-week seemed like a bad idea, in particular because I needed to get out to the grocery store to get those all important veggies and what not, so I have been easing into things. And that seemed like a way better idea than going cold turkey. So...for an update:
  • I brought my lunch to work yesterday - and it was something that I even cooked...myself. And it was even more complex than a sandwich. But then I had a sandwich for dinner.
  • I'm doing good on the fruit count and easing into the veggie count. Yesterday I definitely satisfied my 4-5/day requirement.
  • Yesterday I missed the dairy, today I hit the dairy. I missed the dairy because I actually stopped and thought before I went for it as a snack, because I realized I wasn't hungry, I was just stressed.
  • The water thing is going well, and I'm doing pretty good on the mini-meal/snack thing.
  • OK, I admit it, I had a Blizzard on Sunday. Let the countdown begin on that three to four week abstaining period.

I tried out a new yoga studio downtown for some pilates over my lunch break today. It was a pretty good class, but I think I prefer the power pilates a little bit better. Lucky for me that the girl that teaches power pilates on Sundays also teaches at this downtown studio during the week as well. I will most likely try to catch her class when I can. Tonight is BBC. I know...I'm just a workout maniac.


teacherwoman said...

Way to listen to your body!

Moon said...

Congrats on the changes you've made already! It's *really hard* learning how to change your diet for the better, but you'd be surprised at how much better your body will eventually feel for it. Little steps are definitely the way to do it...and remember it takes something like 21 days to establish a new habit, so don't get too discouraged if it doesn't all catch on immediately :)

*insert more cheerleader-y things here*

Amanda said...

So we're both doing pretty good and learning alot...like wow I'm really addicted to certain foods out of pure habit!

I'm really starting to enjoy eating lots of natural foods and I feel very accountable to all of you!