Wednesday, August 15, 2007

BBC #11

Last night it was back to Edgemont for BBC. We had a six station circuit to go through in pairs. While one of us performed the exercise at the station the other would lunge, do curtsy squats, or jump squats. The stations included:
  1. Bicep curls while standing on a BOSU ball - standing on one foot if you could.
  2. Throwing a medicine ball over your shoulder (but not actually letting go).
  3. Step ups on a picnic bench while doing shoulder presses with 3 lb dumbells.
  4. Tricep extensions with resistance tubing.
  5. Push ups.
  6. Modified pull ups.

The first time through the circuit we did the exercise for 1.5 min, then on the second go around we did the exercise for 1 min. Let me tell you....1.5 min of step ups with shoulder presses.....that was a tough one. And a minute and a half of push ups? Yeah...I still hate push ups. The workout was followed by some more ab work. Tonight - I promise - I am going for speed work with Instructor S and her running group. 6:30 pm at Edworthy.


Amanda said...

oh I want a bosu ball so bad, but they are like 90 bucks or something. I'll keep making due with the stability ball for now. DF laughs at me when I use it because I'm rolling all over with some exercises, but what can ya do.

teacherwoman said...

I think that sounds fun... tiring but fun & benificial!

TNTcoach Ken said...

You are an animal! I was getting tired just reading.

Ali said...

tough workout! push ups for 1.5 minutes ouch.

I love/hate the bosu ball. my legs shake like crazy