Saturday, August 18, 2007

Running Epiphany

This morning I had 10 miles on the books so I attempted to get out to Glenmore Reservoir nice and early. It was still fairly chilly out when I started, which resulted in a bit of a fast start, but things were feeling good. When I made it to the dam over the reservoir I saw Instructor S's running group out for their 10K and 15K run so I caught up with them and chatted for a bit. Instructor S was asking how my shoulders were feeling from BBC on Thursday - still sore thank you very much. I mentioned that we probably did 200 push ups that night. S counted our push up reps after class . I was wrong....Instructor S said we did 250! I hung out with S and another gal for about a mile, and then it was time to break off. When I hit the 6 mi mark I reached the part of the pathway that is flat, ridiculously straight and totally open. Very boring. I normally really slow down in the part and I caught myself doing that again. I talked myself through it and knocked some time off the pace so things were feeling amazing by that point in time. The rest of the run went really well. I love it when the stars align and a great run results. I even cut some time off from when I last ran that 10 mi route around the reservoir.
The pathway around the reservoir takes you past Rocky View Hospital. Every time I go past I am reminded of the Editors song....Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors. It rings very true.


TNTcoach Ken said...

My shoulders are tired for you! 250 push-ups, you go Rocky!

Amanda said...

Are you sure you aren't training for Ironman?