Friday, August 17, 2007

Interesting Things About Me

I've been tagged by Marathon Maritza on this, and its a fun one. I have to warn you...some of these lists may be long...
Jobs I've Held
- Grounds keeper and painter of mens' washroom stalls at a graving dock.
- Water conservation hotline girl.
- Various co-op jobs working at a gas plant, determining the stability of offshore oil rigs in storms, and designing a small wastewater treatment plant.
- Stimulation engineer.
- Production and exploitation engineer.
Places I Have Lived
- Calgary, Alberta - Lloydminster, Alberta - Perth, Australia - London, England - Bogota, Colombia - back to London - Vancouver, British Columbia - Jakarta, Indonesia - back to Vancouver - Rocky Mountain House, Alberta - Houston, Texas - Laredo, Texas - Tulsa, Oklahoma - San Antonio, Texas - back to Calgary
Places I Have Visited
Saskatchewan - Manitoba - Ontario - Washington - Oregon - California - Las Vegas - Florida - Georgia - New York City - Minnesota - Wisconsin - Guatemala - Dominican Republic - Wales - Scotland - France - Spain - Italy - Germany - Austria - Switzerland - Hungary - Amsterdam - Finland - Hong Kong - Singapore - Bali - Malaysia - Thailand - South Africa
Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
- Pride and Prejudice
- Bend It Like Beckham
- Pirates of the Caribbean (what's with all the Kiera Knightly movies..??)
- Dave
Shows I Enjoy
- Grey's Anatomy
- Brothers and Sisters
- Glutton for Punishment
My Guilty Pleasures
- Eating ice cream straight out of the carton
- Reality TV and reading "The Superficial"
- Taco Time
Favourite Foods
- Sushi
- Vietnamese
- Malaysian
- Thai
Websites I Visit Daily
Body Parts I've Injured
- Fractured nose
- Stress fractured right ankle
Awards I've Won
In grade 12 I won a provincial essay writing competition. I spent my Christmas break writing an essay on Hitler just to enter. And it had to be written by hand...none of that fancy stuff using a computer. Yup...I'm a nerd.
Nicknames I've Been Called
- Lee
- Guera (by my Mexican field operators...meaning white girl or pale one)
I'm tagging Moon.


teacherwoman said...

Ahh... I love Bend it like Beckham!

Marathon Maritza said...

Awww I blushed that you wrote I'm one of the websites you visit...thanks! (Now I need to update more!)

Oh, and I just watched Pride and Prejudice for the first time on Tuesday night - really good!

Amanda said...

Wow you have lived in and visited an amazing number of places! That is so wonderful! Is that from parents moving or school or just your own travels?