Friday, August 17, 2007

BBC #12 - Arms of Jello

Last night's BBC We met back at Edgemont last night. The session started with almost a half mile or so of a run uphill to a set of stairs. The workout involved climbing the stairs many, many times - sometimes running up, sometimes hopping up, or taking two at a time, or going up sideways. The kicker of the workout was not the stairs though. We were required to stop about 4 or 5 times along the way for 10 push ups against the railing at each stop. I think we may have done somewhere around 200 push ups last night. We also did some tricep dips, tricep push ups and rhomboid pinches with resistance tubing as well. Plus a couple of hill sprints as well. We finished off with the half mile run back to the start and a good stretch. I hope that the day only requires minimal use of my arms today because they feel like jello after all those push ups. They don't hurt yet, but I know that will be coming later...
On another note, I went back to see Dr. Iron Man A for another active release session this morning. I have to tell you that my piriformis feels infinitely better thanks to him. I'm sure I'll require a tune up every once in awhile, but for now things are feeling good.

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