Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wednesday's Weekly Hills

Yesterday was hill day and I ran over to McHugh Bluff for my training over lunch. What a superb day to be outside - it was sunny, but not crazy hot. The hill was teeming with people running up and down, and there were a lot of people running up and down the stairs nearby as well. I managed to get in four hill repeats, and I continued to really concentrate on my form. I can tell my hard work is starting to pay off. This hill I climb is about 0.25 mi long, and I've normally had to walk a part of it in the middle through most of my repeats. Yesterday I ran the entire way on all the repeats and felt strong through all of them. It was terrific! I got 5 miles in over lunch, and the best part was, the last 1.25 miles that I ran back to the office on flat ground was super speedy. It is great to know that I can fatigue my legs on the hills, but then get some fast running in afterwards. I wound up working late thanks to the longer lunch I took to fit the 5 miles in, and arrived at the train station soon after a major accident had occurred at a nearby platform. All trains in and out of the downtown core were not running. I grabbed my "not quite so fresh as a daisy" socks, strapped on the ol' running shoes and got a bonus walk in to the first train station outside of the downtown core and I was able to head home from there. By the time I made it back it was too late to make it to yoga. Instead I put on the yoga pants, cooked dinner, and attempted to feel relaxed and quiet of mind through the wearing of the pants. Do pants work vicariously just by wearing them? I'm not sure if it worked or not, but I was asleep by 8:30. Maybe I should be taking this as a sign that I really need to try and get more sleep...

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