Saturday, September 8, 2007

Greetings from Seattle

Okay, okay....I know....I'm on vacation and I'm blogging. But I had a spare moment and I realized that I didn't have a chance to blog for a couple of days thanks to a serious case of life and work taking over.
On Thursday I managed to get a quick 3 miles in over lunch just to make sure I hit that 10 miles of midweek mileage before I took off for Seattle. It is funny how inclement weather affects your pace during a run. It started off nice and sunny, but after stopping to tighten my shoe laces 1.2 miles in I looked up and some crazy clouds had rolled in and the wind really picked up. I was worried that thunder and lightning might be imminent, so rather than continuing on my loop I took a short cut back into downtown to quickly make my way back to the office. I kept running through the streets of downtown, and by the time I made it back to my building rain hadn't started yet so I took a quick zip around the block to finish out the 3 miles. The splits on those miles were great..! I grabbed lunch and as soon as I was back in my office it started hailing. Good thing I hadn't left for my run any later...
Thursday afternoon was a crazy rush back home all the way on the north side of town...grab the dogs and drive all the way south of town to drop them at the kennel...then drive all the way north for my fitness assessment for BBC. The fitness assessment went really well - yay, I lost some inches and my upper body strength has improved! Instructor S also talked to me about some stretches for my hip flexors and kept on about strengthening my lower back to help keep injuries at bay.
Yesterday DGB and I hopped a flight nice and early to the Emerald City of Seattle. After grabbing the rental car the first order of business was lunch. D was nice enough to indulge my serious craving for Chipotle... Not sure why I love that place so much, but I do know that I'm sad we don't have them in Canada. A chicken burrito bowl later and we were ready to hit the town. Hit the stores in the town that is. I found a pair of orange and silver Asics Gel-Kayano 13s in a size 10 so shoe shopping mission was accomplished. If nothing else happens this weekend at least I got new kicks. Alrighty....there is a college football game going on here soon - University of Washington vs. Boise and our hotel is right by the stadium. We'd better get out of here soon and on to the important stuff before we get caught up in a sea of purple vs orange and blue.


teacherwoman said...

have fun in Seattle! :)

Moon said...

Good luck on your race!!

(btw, so crazy to read about you having hail when the trees are practically frying from the heat down here)