Friday, September 14, 2007

Hobnobbing with rockstars

Well...I didn't get a run in yesterday... But I did get to hobnob with rockstars last night instead! As I mentioned yesterday, my old Spanish teacher KP was coming into town for one night only to see a new band she'll be promoting called Chucky Danger. They were playing a free show at the Liberty Lounge at Mount Royal College. I met KP at the Lounge in time to catch their sound check. The sound check is mostly a lot of sitting around with nothing happening so it gave KP and I a chance to chat and catch up. I did get to hear snippets of a couple of songs though so it gave me an idea of the type of music they play. Kind of mellow rock I would say...very cool stuff it sounded like. The guys in the band are young....20 to 22 I think. Once the sound check was done there was time to grab a quick bite to eat. KP invited me along even though it would be a working dinner for her, so I said hello to the guys in the band and we all hopped in their tour van and took off to look for a meal. We found someplace close by that would be quick and the guys were sweet enough to treat KP and I. We all hung out and chatted and I got to hear the ins and outs of what it is like to be a new band starting out and getting to hear tid bits about the music industry. I unfortunately didn't stick around to catch the show since that would have made it a really late night for me, but from the sounds of it they have something unique and I hope they do well.

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