Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Skipping a day...

This week I had planned on running 12 midweek miles. Kind of a lot, but I was going for a grand total mileage for the week that kept me in line with my Goofy training. I had grand plans of running Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - 4 mi a piece. Over lunch I opted for a quick bite and the chance to keep working on a big presentation I have to make on Thursday so I scrapped the mileage as I can't run tonight either. Oh well, I suppose cutting back the mileage this week isn't the worst thing - maybe a good rest will help me feel good and strong on Sunday. I'm going to aim for Wednesday and Friday runs instead now - somewhere between 4 and 5 mi each.
Incidentally, I wrote my Professional Practice Exam yesterday (a.k.a. the engineering ethics exam). 100 questions, multiple choice. Fingers crossed I passed as I can then apply to become a professional engineer!


TNTcoach Ken said...

Don’t you love it when life jumps into your running schedule? Goofy is going to get here so fast………..

DGB said...

I made up half of the milage for you yesterday, it was the least I could do :)