Friday, November 23, 2007

Crazy is as crazy does

Last night I went for a run around my neighborhood at 5:30 and it was already dark... I ran 3.17 miles and boy did it feel good! It was cold outside, but the best part about the run was my consistency in my pace. It was pretty hilly, but my pace held pretty steady the entire time, especially through the long uphill portions. I felt like I needed two really good runs this week to give me some confidence on my big mileage weekend coming up. I had a minor freak out the other night when I realized I only have this 8.5-17 miler combo and my 10-20 miler combo as my big long weekends between now and Disney. With a couple of blah weeks behind me I was really feeling like I might not be ready.
Yesterday I had a spare moment and I was perusing the Calgary Roadrunners race schedule. My eyes fall upon the Frozen Ass 50....hmmm....what's that? Turns out it is a 50 km (31 mi) race on Family Day in February (February 18th). You run from Calgary to Chestermere and back along a paved bike path following an irrigation canal. I start thinking that maybe I can do this... After all, I'll be at a great point training wise, it really just depends how quickly I recover from the Goofy as to whether I can turn around and run a 50 km race five weeks later. There is also a Half Ass, but you have to have a ride in Chestermere to get you back to town. I promise that I won't make a decision to sign up until after I run Goofy and see how I feel and how I recover. But I will keep it in the back of my head. Yeah...I'm considering an ultra in February in Calgary...that is crazy. Check out some details on the race here and here.


Amanda said...

Flabbergasted and yet totally unsurprised! I can't even get mentally prepared to do another full and your just tackin em on left and right. You really are amazing!

Angry Runner said...

Any race named "Half Ass" is my type of race. You'll be well prepared when the time comes for the 50K.