Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wednesday Running and Another Race...

Yesterday I hit the pathways downtown for a 4 mile run over lunch. It was another sunny day and 4 deg C (39 deg F). I am so happy to say that this run felt so much better than Monday's. I ran faster and it felt easier. I had a snack before heading out so there was no rumbling in my stomach which I'm sure helped. All in all, things felt pretty good. Today is a busy lunch hour. Instructor S has a table at a craft fair nearby to help raise funds for TNT. I'll head out there and see if I can support her in any way. After that I'm going to aim for another 4 miles on the pathway downtown and fingers crossed it feels just as good as yesterday's run. I keep passing this donair place on my way back to my office that smells amazing... I think today is the day to try it out for lunch.
And...because I can't let the year end without just one more race...I've signed up for the Catch the Elves 10K Run for Muscular Dystrophy on December 9. I have 13 miles to run that day, and since the race doesn't start until 10:00 am I'll get out, run 7 miles, then finish up with the race. It sounds like a blast - catch the elves and get raffle tickets. The more tickets you get, the better your chances are at a door prize. The event is followed up with a post-race BBQ. If anyone else in town here is interested in signing up, let me know! The first 400 people to register get a tech shirt.


TNTcoach Ken said...

In the words of Homer Simpson, BBQ, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Amanda said...

you crack me up with your races!!