Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend Wrap-Up

I got my 8 mile run in over lunch on Friday, thereby avoiding the terrible weather that was forecasted to blow in overnight. The breeze was definitely chilly out, but the sunshine was nice. I was much happier on my way back when I had the wind at my back instead of running into it. I felt pretty good for day two of my back to back runs, mind you the distance was quite a bit shorter. I do have to say that an 8 miler over lunch is kind of a long run. I was mentally wiped afterwards, although it is hard to say if it was just due to the run, or if the overtime I had put in over the week had caught up with me and my brain was starting to rebel. Otherwise I have no activity to report for the rest of the weekend. I stuffed myself with fish and chips and beer on Friday night - since I wasn't running the next day I figured I could justify a greasy meal washed down with one or two delicious Trads. Saturday was a trip out to the Middle of Nowhere, Alberta to meet more of Neil's family. (I was told that I could officially call it the Middle of Nowhere.) Back to town for more work on Sunday, capped off with a night of tree trimming, rum and eggnog and a Terry's Chocolate Orange. The holiday season has officially begun...!

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P.O.M. said...

Tree trimming and eggnog/rum - sounds like a terrific night!