Thursday, November 29, 2007

Milestones and Google Searches

I ran 4 miles over lunch today. I reached a milestone on this run - I went over 100 miles of running in one month for the first time ever. To date - 102.62 miles in November. That brings me to 669.12 miles for the year. Last year I ran 109.39 miles.

How do Googlers find you? I love going through SiteMeter to see how people find me. A lot of it is the same - pictures of running tights, people googling Corey Feldman, or people looking for information on various races I've run. Apparently if you search for "pictures of women, half pig" my blog comes up. Who knew?


Rob said...

I think corey feldman would creep me out more. :)

Marcy said...

Ohhhh girl you don't even want to know LMAO! A bunch of pervs looking for "hooker boots" and anyone searching for the words "crotch pain" LOL

Speed Racer said...

Woooooow! You've done a YEAR of running this month!

I found you by googling "curling" "dancing in front of a bear", I don't know about anyone else.

DGB said...

I'm actually disturbed that your website is first on the list. And I'm in the pictures too! What does that mean.... :(