Monday, March 3, 2008

Getting my mojo back

Saturday morning I had an invitation to a BBC session at Edworthy Park on the NW side of town and the group run was going to be at the Glenmore Reservoir on the SW side of town. The locations were a bit too far away to make both so I opted to run 6 miles on my own at Edworthy in order to finish in time before BBC. I started running east towards the city and about half a mile in I realized I was a bit too overdressed, plus all of a sudden I really had to hit the bathroom so I turned around. All of a sudden I was running into some crazy wicked wind. After dropping by jacket at the car and what not I decided I wanted the first half of my run to be into the wind rather than having to deal with it on the back half when I would be a bit more tired so I headed west. After I had been running for awhile I realized that this run was feeling more huffing and puffing and looking at my watch. I was feeling so good I even inadvertently missed a walk break. Hurrah, my running mojo is coming back! I wasn't being particularly speedy, but this is the best I've felt running since the marathon. I turned around and headed back towards the car. With a mile left to go I wanted to test myself to see if I could pick up the pace to finish. I kicked it into another gear and kept running without looking at the watch and I ran a minute and a half faster than my average pace up till this point in time. I had a quick walk to cool down, changed out of my sweaty tops and headed over to meet Instructor S and some of the other BBC gals. All of a sudden I was FREEZING....I had a short sleeve tech shirt on, a long sleeve mid-layer and a windbreaker on and it wasn't enough. I had to run back to the car to grab my fleece jacket as the temperature was plummeting. Just as everyone showed up for BBC there was an odd type of hail/snow that started to fall... Once we got moving by running a lap around some picnic tables we started to warm up and the snow let up a bit. BBC was tough...step ups, tricep dips, knee ups, grade 7 dance, jump rope and was quite the workout. My abs were so sore yesterday that it hurt to cough. Luckily I think they have recovered enough for what will likely be an intense Fit Ball session tonight though. The abs in the park were my favorite part. We were doing various sit ups on a mat lying in the park and you could still see the odd snow flake coming down. It was kind of a neat, surreal experience.
On another note, run on over to Iron Bob's page (a.k.a. Bob Almighty) to congratulate him on a fabulous finish at his first ever Iron Man in New Zealand this past weekend. Good job Bob!


Amanda said...

you always take the craziest classes, I love hearing about them!

Sonia said...

I love those run that seem effortless and you can run forever! Congrats on being back!! So, how long after your bronchitis has this miracle happen??? I'm still coughing and not in running mood at all.... this is starting to drive me a litle insane!!

Speed Racer said...

"grade 7 dance" That sounds intense. Either that or it sounds like a night full of pre-teen self-consciousness.

I'm glad you've got your mojo back, and that it's finally warming up up there.

Danielle said...

Ah, it's so great when you start getting the effortless feeling again...and you know, when I finish a longer run (and longer is all relative depending on where I'm at in a training cycle, last night 8 was enough for it), I end up shivering and never seem capable of warming up, this happens to me even in the summer.