Wednesday, March 5, 2008

1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

Last week I was on a roll....this week I ground to a dead halt. Monday was supposed to be Fit Ball. I've been in a course these past three days and the course doesn't finish until 4:30. Of course when you are on a course that is when crises at work happen. Needless to say I didn't get out of the office early enough to rush home and then rush to Fit Ball. It was provincial election day on Monday so I was going to go vote, then go for a run. Except as I was leaving the office I got a frantic call from my bro to help look after my gorgeous niece. How could I say no to that? So I headed over after doing my civic duty and spent some quality time with Avery. We hung out and watched Project Runway and Girlicious (all totally appropriate shows for child development), noshed on pizza and played.
Tuesday...well, there was no run over lunch because said crises still weren't solved, plus we don't get a long enough lunch break to fit in a run even if I weren't fighting fires. When I left the office I wasn't really up for running, all I wanted to do was unwind. My solution was a little retail therapy....does that count for cross training? I attempted to find some totally running inappropriate shoes with no luck but I did walk out with two blazers from Benetton well marked down from a massive sale.
As for tonight? Well, no running tonight either. Neil and I are off to a local wine store for a port tasting and who is going to want to run after that? Hopefully tomorrow I'll get back at it since my course will be over and I can try to run over lunch...


TNTcoach Ken said...

Just go with the flow. Just think of those glorious July runs and having the sun beat down on you. You have many more days ahead to get on course.

Maddy said...

Sometimes life happens. You'll get those runs in.

Your course will end - and the fires will be extinguished and all the pieces will fall in place!

No worries at all!

Angry Runner said...

I kind of enjoy those fire drills when they do arise. My boss is always impressed by my expert handling of all kinds of nonsense. Remember me at the end of the year, Jimmy. I'm sure you're no different...or even better.

rocketpants said...

Sometimes things in life are just unavoidable. I'm sure you will get back in the swing of it all soon enough!

Danielle said...

A few days off won't matter too terribly in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes life happens and you have to go with it!!