Monday, March 10, 2008

The weekend in review

Ah, so today starts a new week and hopefully a chance to get back on track. I got in two runs last week - my disastrous 3 mi run on Thursday and a half decent 6.41 mi run on Saturday. Saturday morning I met up with the group on the north side of town. Some folks were going for long and hilly, other folks shorter and hilly and another group shorter and flat. I was going to try and run the hills but after we went up one big climb we ran into the group going the flatter route and I veered off to join them. One of the ladies we were running with is a walk coach with TNT and she just took a group to the Disney race. I told her about my shin problems - it seems to happen during my weekday runs but the weekend runs feel great. She wondered if I was overstriding by trying to go faster and if that was maybe causing a problem. I'll have to keep an eye on that. We wound up running a bit slower than my usual pace but the company was great. At the end I veered off to take a slightly longer path around the lake to our starting point and I picked the pace up for the final mile or so. Afterwards one of the group members had us all over for breakfast at her place and it was a great way to cap the morning run off. Yesterday the weather was too great to ignore so the pup Finlay and I headed out to Baker Park for a great walk around the Bow River and over towards Valley Ridge. Despite the warm temperatures there was still some ice and snow on the ground in the shady parts. You can tell folks have had cabin fever - it was incredibly busy out on the pathway. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the weather stays this way...

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