Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hilly 6 at Baker Park

After purchasing my ticket to see Spirit of the Marathon and watching the trailer for it I was feeling inspired to head out for a run. I went down to Baker Park and figured I'd aim for 6 miles. It was a terrific run along the river. I headed west to start off with and figured I would turn around at the one mile mark. Just before I hit one mile I arrived at a series of switchbacks to take you up towards the neighborhood of Valley Ridge. I ran up part way, gaining about 100 ft and then turned around. This was the one portion of the path that still had some snow on it. Heading east it was reasonably flat until I hit 3 miles and then I gained almost 150 ft in about 0.3 mi. When I hit the top I felt just as out of breath as Shannon Elizabeth after she danced her jive on Dancing With the Stars, except I didn't have to sit down afterwards. It felt great to get the heart beating and I was feeling pretty strong. This was actually one of my faster runs - with the exception of slowing down at mile 3 I was consistently fast the entire way through. I paid for it afterwards as the cold wind brought back the coughing and sore throat but my legs needed that run.


Scott said...

Awesome run Leana!! You KNOW you are a runner when you start actually liking the hills :)

Danielle said...

Great job!! Man I so need to remember to get back to watching DWTS...I keep forgetting about it!! I fell in a bad kind of lust with Shannon Elizabeth's partner Derek when he danced with Jennie Garth last time...:)