Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I can think of only one word to describe my run last night...blech. When we flew back Sunday night the view from the airplane window looked like a black and white photograph. All of the snow on the ground was insane. Apparently it was pretty awful weather here while I was gone. It was cold all day yesterday and more snow fell off and on. After work I hit the grocery store, then went home and put some salmon in a marinade of soy sauce, lime zest and juice, honey, garlic, ginger and chili sauce. I then got out some winter gear and went out for a run. I guess I should mention that while my shins hurt during the race on Sunday, my right leg was still bugging me all day at work. And....I ran anyway. It was -8 deg (17 deg F) and snow was coming down as I started out. After trudging through the snow for a mile my shin started acting up so the run was one of those "get it done" kind of things. Remarkably the temperature didn't feel that bad though. It really wasn't a great run though and you can see it in my average pace - a dismal 12:19/mi average pace. On the plus side that salmon was fantastic for dinner!
I did visit the chiro for a little ART this afternoon on the shin. Boy I love ART. After poking around the shin, calf and my hip flexor it is feeling better. Apparently my ridiculously tight hip flexor is probably one of the main reasons my shin has been bugging me. Tonight BBC starts up.


chris said...

Good job on the run! At least you got it done. BTW, I am coming to dinner at your house!

audgepodge said...

You mean you didn't take a rest day after the big 10K? You're hardcore! ;)

rocketpants said...

I heart ART too...that is just wonders. I hope your shin feels better soon!