Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BBC - Spring Session - Class #1

Last night was the first BBC class for the spring session. Is it spring here in Calgary? Nope, sure doesn't feel like it! It was -3 deg C and we met up in a snow covered field at Edworthy Park. This time around I'm still in Instructor S's class (aka Sheena), except I'm now in the intermediate class as opposed to the beginner one. It looks like we have a pretty good group of motivated women in the group, and lots of strong runners! Yesterday was a total body workout as we did some circuits focusing on lower body (dips, jump squats, step ups, hamstring stuff), upper body (tricep dips, push ups, rowing, bicep curls), and abs, plus a little running mixed in between the different circuits. I took it easy on the running side of things - didn't want to go too fast or too hard and muck up my newly pain free shin. After class I talked to Sheena about my shin hurting and that the main culprit was a tight hip flexor. She laughed because during my fitness assessment she commented that I really stuck my rear out on the step ups and that it was probably because my hip flexors were too tight. My comment at the time was that maybe my rear just stuck out on its own. Yeah...apparently this issue has been building for awhile then... Anyhow, I'm taking today off to rest the ol' leg (which still feels good BTW), then running and BBC tomorrow night, followed by another ART session to keep my leg in top form for my upcoming races.

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rocketpants said...

Stretch out those hip flexors...mine are crazy tight and can lead to other issues down the line! No fun at all. Good luck with the ART.