Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was a busy one:
I had 9 miles on the schedule and as I had a few things to do that day my plan was to do my run around my neighborhood. The run felt great. Hurrah for rediscovering the love of running. I decided to run 9.3 - a full 15K - just to see how it went. My pace was pretty bang on what I ran at the Minnie 15K last year, except this run was full of hills, so I think I'm in good shape for the Minnie this year.
Bikini Boot Camp (aka BBC) starts up next week so I had my returnee fitness assessment. We did a max heart rate test and my recovery is great, so despite being sick for so long my fitness is still pretty good.
In the afternoon we had a forecasted high of 20 deg C (68 deg F) so a bike ride was on order. I rode from my neighborhood towards downtown and made it as far as the Park & Ride at Shouldice Park (1 km short of where I've been parking at Edworthy to ride in from) before I had to turn around and head home. I estimate that if I ride from my house to work the distance is probably around 13 miles one way. The ride home was a good workout as I tackled the hill up to my neighborhood. The climb is 361 ft over the final 3 miles. All in all I covered 16.3 mi. I'm definitely loving this new bike!
Coming Up
This week is going to be a busy one. My final Fit Ball session is tonight, plus I'd like to get three runs in during the week, plus my race on Sunday. I'm not sure how much biking I'll get in though. Thursday afternoon I'm off to Vancouver so I can run in the Vancouver Sun Run. This is the largest 10K event in Canada. So far they have a record number 54,320 people signed up! Sunday marks the official start to racing madness as I have 5 races in 23 days coming up.


holowahini said...

GOOD LUCK! I am so excited for the Minnie, too! My husband thinks he saw you at the Disney 1/2 marathon - maybe we will have a Leana-sighting at the Minnie!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Okay SuperGirl, that’s a lot of racing in a short period of time……….

Angry Runner said...

52k+ for a 10k!?!?!?!?!? wow.

run fast

Maddy said...

Good Luck on your 10K. I bet the leaders will be done before all have crossed the starting line.

I hope I see you at the Minnie. We should plan to meet up.

I decided against the 5k this year. I'm thinking about for next year.

rocketpants said...

THAT'S A LOT of people for a 10K...or for a race...holy cow! Sounds like you have a busy, busy week!

Sarah Elaine said...

5 races in 23 days? You're insane! I love it!

Danielle said...

You are the racing machine!!!