Sunday, May 18, 2008

I did what?

Okay, so first off....what a week...what a weekend! I am pretty happy with how much I did this week as, for me, I feel like I accomplished quite a bit. Here's the summary for the weekend:

I had a 9 mi LR on the schedule so I zoomed down to Glenmore Reservoir to run a loop before it got too hot out. (I know, you've heard me complain about the the heat... It got up to 30 deg C (86 deg F) yesterday.) I got into such a great rhythm that I didn't want to lose that by running 9:1 intervals so I wound up going for 19:1 instead. I felt really strong the whole way, which I am sure is due to some of the cross training I've been doing. I wound up running into a friend as she was finishing up her run so we had a chance to run together and chat for about a 0.5 mile or so. It was a terrific run!
I had signed up for a 4 pm hot yoga class, but at the end of the day the nice weather called my name and I wound up spending the afternoon on the patio at the Rose and Crown, enjoying some Velvet Fog. Yum...

It was time to make up for that missed hot yoga class! I went for a 10:00 am class, with the same really intense instructor as on Wednesday night. Boy, what a difference fresh legs make! It was still a great challenging class. We really stretched out our legs and worked on lower back strength as well.
In the afternoon Neil and I rode out from my house to check out my commute to downtown. I think I managed to find a route that met my three criteria fairly closely. It was mostly downhill, on pathways or quiet residential streets for the most part, and it avoided roads that would chew up my tires. The ride downtown is about 12 miles or so and took just under an hour. I can probably knock a few minutes off because at times the pathways were really busy and it was difficult to pass people and keep a good speed up. We met up with a friend part of the way there, and continued on to Eau Claire to take a well deserved break at the Barley Mill's patio. Afterwards we all split off in different directions and I was back on my way home. The way back has some pretty good uphills, and it was really windy to boot. I was pretty impressed that I was only about 10 - 12 minutes slower on the way home with all of that.
So the verdict on the biking from home to work? Definitely doable, but with all the major uphills to contend with, it is probably better to not try this on days when I have boot camp or high mileage planned.
And well, just because I'm happy with all of my hard work this week, here are my final numbers for workouts:
Running: 21 mi
Biking: 49.23 mi
Hot Yoga: 3 sessions - 4:30:00
Bikini Boot Camp: 2 sessions - 3:00:00

That's pretty good volume for me!


Bill said...

Wow! What a great weekend. I'm officially jealous. Great job!

RoadBunner said...

I'm jealous that biking to work is an option for you! Sounds like you had a great weekend.

teacherwoman said...

Nice job this week! looking HAWT! :)