Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Mental Shift

Yesterday was Victoria Day - a holiday Monday! And for the first time that weekend I slept in and it was glorious. I was supposed to go out for a ride but just as I was strapping on my shoes I got a call that the weather downtown looked pretty suspicious so the ride was cancelled. I have to say I was really disappointed at not being able to ride. The weather was still fine in my neighborhood so I ran upstairs, swapped the cycling shorts out for running shorts and went for my 3 miler. The run was amazing. I'm starting to see pace improvements which makes me very happy. In fact, I even powered up some hills faster than I was going on the flats. Hurrah! Afterwards the weather was still looking okay, but I was hungry....so the opportunity to spend some quality time on a patio won out. Driving to the restaurant I looked longingly at all those happy cyclists on the road. I was envious...
This morning I got up way early to get a run in before heading to work. I was planning on driving in because I had to haul clothes and breakfast in with me, and somehow I wasn't sure I wanted to carry all of that in a backpack. I had 5 miles planned but decided to cut it short because:
  1. No matter how early I get up, I still waste time getting out the door, so I got going about 15 minutes later than I planned.
  2. I have a feeling there will be some bonus mileage at boot camp tonight that may get me closer to 5 miles. And if I'm short I'll tack some extra mileage on when I run tomorrow.
  3. The temperature felt so nice while I was running. And today is supposed to be the one day this week that it doesn't rain... So I changed my mind and decided I needed to get to the Park & Ride at Edworthy and bike the rest of the way in.

I'm finding that my attitude towards the bike is shifting. I've always enjoyed riding (although I didn't ride for years...), but now I want more. I'm starting to feel the same way about biking that I do about running - I want to do it, and I have to do it. I bought a pair of *ahem* kind of expensive Pearl Izumi shorts because they have the most amazing padding in them and well, let's be honest, I look good in them! If I weren't such a clutz getting on and off my bike I'd probably be looking at clips and shoes in earnest. And aside from all that, I love that I'm feeling healthy and athletic right now. It's definitely a good feeling.


TNTcoach Ken said...

You have the shorts, go for the clips! It’s funny how money is no object when it comes to padding, ha!

Speed Racer said...

Biking is SO much better than all that running nonsense, ESPECIALLY when you've got the proper padding. But it sounds like you've hit the perfect combination right now. Keep it up!

And don't be scared of the shoes, once you start to fall your first impulse is to pull your foot out of the clip anyway. Once you try them you'll never go back.

When are we going to start to see you in the pool?

Holly said...

You should totally look into getting some clips! You would be amazed at the difference they make.

Amanda said...

uh oh you're becoming an official biker...now you're going to have to split your time between running and biking races!

Maddy said...

That's awesome!

I have been quietly riding my bike on the trainer at night. It's a nice compliment to running for sure.

And I have a feeling it's helping you improve your running pace.

Marcy said...

Oooooooo girl, any shorts that can make your booty look good is worth the expensive. At least that is what I tell myself :P