Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Needed That

After hills and yoga on Saturday and a race and biking on Sunday I decided to not run last night. I went to hot yoga instead to start making full use of my unlimited month long pass. The class started at 8:00 pm and it was insanely full! We did a lot of twists and a lot of leg work that really helped to stretch out some tight muscles. Apparently I really needed that extra stretching! Things that I love about my new yoga studio?
  • They have tons of classes - later in the evening, plus Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as well. You can always find a class to go to which will make it a lot easier for me to fit yoga into my schedule.
  • All classes are drop in, but you can sign up for any class online. That way if the class gets busy you won't be out of luck if it fills while you are driving over to the studio.
  • You can see your account online - which classes you have been to, what you are signed up for, what your membership type is and when it expires. I love the technology!
My plan for the upcoming week? If all goes well:
  • Tuesday: 3 miles, followed by BBC
  • Wednesday: biking to/from work, 4 miles, hot yoga
  • Thursday: biking to/from work, 3 miles, BBC
  • Friday: biking to/from work
  • Saturday: 9 miles, hot yoga
  • Sunday: biking

We'll see if that all works out or not! My Sunday bike ride plan is to ride the full distance between my house and the office so I can see how long the ride takes. Then I can decide if I want to do the full commute during the week.


P.O.M. said...

Wow, your studio is very high tech. Mine is not, but I still go. I love hot yoga!

Danielle said...

I still want to try hot yoga. I've heard good things about it...and I've heard puking stories!! Yoga is so great for after a run. I used to love having a class at 11 on a Saturday, I'd get up and go at least 5 miles before then slide right into flat foot down dog...

Morgan said...

I am so jealous of your yoga class! Although, if I was un-lazy enough to actually go to a class that late in the day I could get one in, too ;) You amaze me with your dedication!!

rocketpants said...

Sounds like it is the better version of hot yoga and not Bikrum...I get so bored in that one because it is the same over and over...but I have done other hot yoga that isn't such a prescription. Sounds good.

Scott said...

I'm super jealous of your ability to bike everywhere, especially to work and back! I'm glad to see the generous yoga schedule will enable you to get to classes more often.