Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Moose Scramble...bears...and running updates

Wednesday I ran...and it still hurt...yuck. Still no rhythm while running.
Thursday our group at work went on a team building mission with a geological field trip and hike/scramble near Moose Mountain. It was absolutely amazing out there, but windy like you wouldn't believe. The hike wasn't too far, but we sure had some good elevation gain of almost 1100 ft while we were out there. We stopped halfway through in a spot protected by the wind to munch on some Subway sandwiches and enjoy the view. Afterwards we drove to Bragg Creek for dinner and along the way we spotted a black bear cub. I had never seen a bear that up close before!
Friday I ran...and it felt great! I think the difference is that I'm a morning runner. My early morning runs always feel the best. You have no idea how great it felt to get a good run in. Hurrah!
Saturday Neil and I drove out to no running yesterday. We spotted a bear on the highway in Banff National Park. Two bears in the space of two days, unbelievable! Otherwise we didn't see any other wildlife on our drive through the Rockies.
This morning I was going to head out for my 15 miler. I was up at 5:30 and while I was getting ready I noticed my Camelbak had some nasty looking gunk inside the drinking tube. I didn't want to have to drink through it and it just happened to be in a spot that was tough to find anything that would reach in to clean it out. Half an hour later and thanks to my mom's ingenious idea to use a knitting needle my tube was clean. But it was already 20 degC at 6:30 am in the shade and my folks were concerned about me being out in the heat for 3 hours. So...the run was put off until tomorrow where I shall try to get an even earlier start to beat as much of the heat as possible. It shouldn't be a problem (providing I can wake up) since it is light well before 5 am out here.


teacherwoman said...

You've been busy. Love the photo! Good luck with the long run tomorrow! :)

Sonia said...

I miss those early long runs! Have fun tomorrow =)

Holly said...

There is a wicked trail race on Moose Mountain in September!

Angry Runner said...

I hope you were far away from Mamma Bear when you saw that cub.

RoadBunner said...

I agree with angry runner! I was thinking "cub!" That means protective mother! Good luck with your long run tomorrow.

Scott said...

Awesome photo there! Good luck with the 15 miles tomorrow, at least the water will taste good ;)

Tell me you DID have some Subway cookies with your Subway sandwiches (they have the best cookies!! White chocolate macadamia nut is my fav)