Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Speedwork and Socializing

Karen invited me out to the Calgary Roadrunners Tuesday night speed session at Edworthy Park last night. They were organizing a big BBQ for afterwards. Since I'm currently on hiatus from boot camp between the spring and summer sessions my Tuesday night was free all of a sudden. How could I say no? I made it down to Edworthy just in time. The workout? A warm up, followed by 6 x 800m repeats and a cool down. Since I haven't done speed work in months and months 800m seemed like a tall order. Oh well! I was keeping up the rear fairly well, but still managed to post some good numbers for me. The final repeat was into a wickedly strong wind that gave it a bit of an extra challenge. The group is great about waiting for all the runners to come in before heading off on the next repeat. I only wish I had more free Tuesday nights that I could run with them.
1X: 0.50 mi in 4:11:65 (8:20/mi)
2X: 0.41 mi in 3:40:62 (8:55/mi)
3X: 0.50 mi in 4:24:65 (8:49/mi)
4X: 0.50 mi in 4:17:15 (8:38/mi)
5X: 0.50 mi in 4:21:37 (8:47/mi)
6X: 0.50 mi in 4:29:45 (8:59/mi) into the wind
Afterwards we headed off to one of the BBQ pits where hot dogs, burgers and salmon were grilled up. Folks brought all kinds of goodies to eat and it was great socializing with everyone afterwards. They were still going strong at 9 pm but I needed to head home and get some rest so I'd be ready to complete the full ride from my house to downtown in the morning.


TNTcoach Ken said...

We want some times, I'm sure that each of the 800s was probably dead on. By waiting for everyone, the lead people get more of a recovery than the others.

Ali said...

great workout - I love post run social time - it gets me through the workout.

Danielle said...

Sounds like fun! I have a group training starting next week that I think will be good.

Downhillnut said...

I'm glad you could come! Too bad I came late and wasn't up for the speed workout - I would have made you feel faster :)

See you again soon!