Thursday, June 19, 2008

Iron Dreams and the Long Commute

On Wednesday morning I had a dream that I decided to enter Ironman Canada. Apparently the race wasn't that popular because only eight of us showed up. I thought we were supposed to swim in Lake Okanagan, but there was a change of plans. Instead we had to run to a pool to swim laps. The pool was so short that I could push off one wall and reach the next side without having to kick at all. No one could tell me how long the pool was or how many laps I would have to swim. Sadly my alarm went off before I reached the bike portion of the race.
Yesterday I rode from my house to work for the first time. The ride in to work is great! Downhill the whole way, and I got to the office feeling really refreshed. It took me about 48 mins to ride in. The ride home...well, what goes down, must come up. The second half of the ride, the part that I've been avoiding until now, is uphill almost the entire way with very little reprieve of flat or downhill road. It took me about an hour to make it home. I wanted to swim in the evening but I was pooped so I called it off. Swimming tonight instead. I did get a run in over lunch yesterday too, so all in all it was a busy day for the legs.


holowahini said...

Maybe you will have the dream in three parts, as well?

Bob Almighty said...

Man you had an Iron dream too. I had one that the race director was giving me guff entering Ironman New Zealand because I passed a pro on the right during a training ride......perhaps a sign of things to come?

TNTcoach Ken said...

So what place were you in after the swim?

See Zanne Run said...

race dreams are always doozies. before i did my first marathon, i had a dream that it was an obstacle course in a fun house - crazy mirrors and all!

teacherwoman said...

The dream sounds very interesting!

Nice job on the bike to work! :)

rocketpants said...

Is this a dream or a premonition of things to come?? You sign up for your first triathlon and you are already having iron!

Nice commuting! I wish I lived close enough to work to commute.