Friday, June 20, 2008

Thumb to Thigh

Yesterday I tackled the full commute again. My legs handled the hills so much better on the way home. Of course I didn't run over lunch yesterday so that may have had something to do with it. Unfortunately the batteries in the Garmin died just at the start of the ride home so I have no idea whether the ride was any better or not, but at least my level of perceived exertion was lower.
In the evening I went to the pool to swim some laps. I found a drill online - the thumb to thigh drill - that I wanted to give a whirl. Just paying attention to making sure that I was pulling through the water completely helped me feel quite a bit more efficient in the water. I swam 1000m, then called it a night.
I'll be heading out for my long run of 10 mi tonight. I'm off to Edmonton for a girls' weekend tomorrow morning and I want to get the long run out of the way. Tonight is my night to try some new stuff. I'm going to be breaking in a pair of Kayano 14s for the first time tonight. After getting a blister repeatedly on my right arch from my Kayano 13s I think it is time to retire them from long runs. Besides, I'd like to have my 14s broken in for the marathon in August so now seems like a good time to start. I've been a Sport Beans girl for nutrition during the long run, but I'm keen to try gels out. I find I extend my walk breaks trying to chew the beans so I'm looking for something a bit more efficient. I've picked up a couple of Clif Shots and Hammer Gels and I'll give one a whirl this evening to see how I like it.


RoadBunner said...

Great job on the bike commuting. I wish I could "hide" some bike miles in my day like that. Gel's are definitely easier to eat on the go, I think. I love Shot Bloks but they do hinder breathing a little since they're so large.

Danielle said...

I actually think of all of them I like the Carb Boom gels the best. Although there is another one that is actually "crank" that I kind of like just cause it's fun to say "I'm taking crank"...:) I've not been as big of a fan of gu and really kind of gave up gels a while ago cause I get so sick of them...really need to get back to them though. I still like beans the best, I eat just a couple at a time and more often and seems to work.

teacherwoman said...

Enjoy your girls weekend! :)

Speed Racer said...

Wow! Leana's actually getting in the pool! It looks like you'll be a full-blown tri-geek in record time. I can't wait to watch the metamorphosis.

I'm sure you've already figured this out, but I think gels are pretty disgusting (something about the texture makes me gag), and Clif bloks are great, but they tend to get stuck in my teeth. Most of all, good luck with the new shoes. I hope your feet are smooth as a baby's ass when you finish your run!

Sonia said...

I have the 14's and like them a lot. Have fun at your girl's week-end!!

Sonia said...

I tagged you... can't remember if you'd done it before!