Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boot Camp Core Night

Last night's workout at boot camp focused on core. We went for a "warm up" jog around the park first though. Not sure what pace most people consider to be a warm up, but it felt more like an all out sprint as myself and another marathoner were wayyyyy in the back of the pack and I was still huffing and puffing. Seriously, I felt out of shape. We did two more rounds of this "warm up" jog stopping to do sets of 20 push ups or 20 sit ups at various intervals along the way. I kept getting further and further behind because I wanted to do 20 good push ups, not 20 hurry-up-and-get-them-done push ups. I kept telling myself that if I didn't follow through I was only cheating myself so I was okay with coming in way behind everyone else. We had a circuit to follow for our core workout. Apparently core consists of everything from your shoulders down to your hip flexors. The circuit consisted of push ups, rows, twists, axe chops with a medicine ball and cardio interludes of burpees, jump rope, mountain climbers and jump lunges. I was bound and determined to work my behind off on this workout and I can tell that I did today. Yowza, am I sore... I think I am mostly sore from all those darn push ups though!
In other news, Calgary is getting an official IM 70.3 event in August 2009! (Details here.) Pretty cool, eh? Registration opens up August 2nd. I checked out the maps and it is going to take place through some absolutely beautiful parts of town. If anyone decides they want to come to town for the event, let me know!
And in other cool news, I was perusing Site Meter to check out where my readers are coming from and I discovered the coolest thing. My favorite skirts over at have listed me as one of their favourite running blogs! They are my absolute favourite running skirt, so to be a favourite of theirs too means a lot to me. Thanks guys! I will definitely be rockin' their skirt in Quebec City in just a few short weeks.


Morgan said...

How cool is that?! They just sent me the birthday coupon/free gift e-mail and I am so tempted to buy another skirt to get the free tank. I am running out of room for running gear in my drawers! :)

teacherwoman said...

Now that sounds like a workout! I need to find something like that to changes things up a bit! :) Great job, Leana!

Maddy said...

Awesome job at bootcamp!

I haven't bought that brand of skirt, but they are so cute. The camo one has my name all over it!

Sonia said...

Look at you celebrity in the blogosphere!! Awesome =)

I'm a TRIKS running skirt (

So, are you going to sign up to 70.3 ?!

RoadBunner said...

I left a comment on their blog, and they wrote to ask if they could link with me. I pointed them in the direction of yours since you're also a runningskirts person! I'm excited to go to the SF Marathon expo tomorrow to get a skirt in person :)