Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crazy Mutts

Wednesday's ride was a lot better with regards to clipping in and out. I didn't have any near wipe outs either! The wind was wicked on the way home. There were some clouds rolling in and I was worried I was going to get dumped on, but luckily that never happened. It almost felt like I was standing still at points on the ride. My quads burned on the uphills, but I have noticed my ability to climb hills is really improving. I've noticed a major benefit to being clipped in going uphill, and I can start to see how shifting my weight in the saddle gives me more power up those hills. As I was close to home and riding the very large shoulder on Stoney Trail a pick up truck drove past me with a German Shepherd in the back who was barking his head off at me. For a minute it looked like he contemplated jumping out of the back of the bed to come get me. Luckily he thought better of it. Yikes, that's why there is a bylaw here against having unrestrained dogs in the back of pick ups! I really wanted to attempt a brick when I got home so I had my running shoes at the ready in my garage to try for a quick transition. My dog was so excited that I was home that I was worried that if I didn't go inside to say hello he'd:
  1. Bark his head off the entire time I was gone and tick off my neighbours.
  2. Be so excited (and then ticked off that I didn't come inside) that he'd pee on the carpet.
Yeah, my dog is a little nutty like that. He is a rescue that I've had for four years now that hasn't quite gotten over his separation anxiety issues. So instead I went inside, said hello, took him for a walk and proceeded to laze on the couch to watch So You Think You Can Dance instead. I swear, I had the best of intentions... I did at least get a stand alone run in early Wednesday morning!
And finally, I am officially signed up for both a tri swimming clinic and a tri cycling clinic at the Y over the fall. I'm so excited!


Run For Life said...

I think we all have those good intention days that don't pan out sometimes.

Lily on the Road said...

hahaha, I watched SYTYCD last night too!

Loved your response on Marcy's blog, I'm Gemini too, yet I think I had whittled my fickleness down to getting a tat!!!


Sonia said...

I have a crazy dog like that too, except that I bring him on some runs so that makes my life a lot simpler!!

YAY for signing up for the tri clinics!! Sounds like a lot of fun =)

Scott said...

Congrats on signing up for those tri clinics!! I sense big things are coming your way :)

Love the story about your dog, he sounds like a great little friend! Mine watches out the window for me to come back in from the runs, then proceeds to try and lick the sweat off of me (ewww, I know...)

Danielle said...

Ah...sometimes the dogs need to come first!

I don't think there is any law about dogs in backs of trucks here, but I wish more people would follow the dogs required to be on a leash law and that it has to be 6 feet or less. Those retractible leashes were the worst thing ever invented!!