Friday, August 1, 2008

All Schooled Up

Back in June I had to head down to Mountain Equipment Co-op for something or other and on my way out I grabbed their monthly newsletter. Turns out that throughout the summer, on the first and last Thursday of the month they would be holding free bike maintenance workshops. I signed up right away and grabbed the last spot on July 31st. So last night I skipped boot camp to meet up with the friendly bike mechanics at MEC. The first thing I did was successfully learn how to change a flat. Now that I've actually gone through the process - on my own wheel - I feel a lot more confident. We also went through general maintenance stuff like chain cleaning and what not. Since I have my fancy new bike I figured I'd better learn how to take care of it. Unfortunately I missed the "total cardio blast" day for boot camp, but I figure it was a good sacrifice.
As for this morning, I decided to give myself a full on rest day in anticipation of tomorrow's 20 miler. I slept in until 5:45, then no biking, no swimming, no nothing. Glorious!
Otherwise, it is a long weekend here as Monday is Heritage Day. I have some fun stuff planned including checking out some dead bodies and hot cyclists. When I just tried to explain it to my coworker I think he now thinks I am officially crazy... Should be fun though!


Run For Life said...
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Run For Life said...

Oooo I LOVED Body Worlds it was such a great exhibit. I'd love to eventually see them all! That film looks really interesting too, have fun!

Danielle said...

That's awesome that you learned about the bike. Probably a good thing to know!!

Lucky having the long weekend...I'm jealous!