Saturday, August 2, 2008

Going the Extra Mile

Today's run was - in a word - fantastic. Here's why:
  • I started the run off nice and slow as I didn't want to burn out too quickly.
  • I got to see two Remax hot air balloons lift off early in to my run.
  • I downed a rather scrumptious tropical flavour Hammer Gel at mile 5. Mmm, caffeine...
  • There were some IMC folks running behind me for a bit. Apparently somewhere there is a 130m pool that you can swim?
  • I saw lots of wildlife - deer, gophers, geese, ducks...
  • When I hit the big hill at the end of my first loop of Glenmore Reservoir, right around mile 10, it didn't feel like I had to work to get up that hill at all.
  • I started to run faster.
  • I downed a yummy chocolate Hammer Gel at mile 11.
  • At mile 13 I saw a sign taped to a water fountain that said "You look amazingly beautiful today." No idea who it was for, but it definitely made me smile.
  • I was the really chipper one on the pathway, smiling and saying hello to everyone.
  • Mmmm, delicious espresso Hammer Gel at mile 16. Yay for caffeine!
  • I passed a bike at mile 16.
  • I passed a guy I recognized from the Footstock race as we had trundled up the big hill together for awhile. We stopped to chat, talk about races, then each went back on our merry way in opposite directions around the reservoir.
  • My legs continued to feel fantastic the entire way.
  • Note to self, Body Glide wears away after about 18 miles. Remember to bring a small stick with me on the marathon.
  • I hit mile 20 before the big hill again. I decided to keep running to at least my car. I powered through the hill again and kept going. I wanted to finish 21 miles.
  • My pace didn't slow during the final miles, in fact they were some of my fastest miles.
  • I thought of Claire during my run, racing the full IM distance Vineman today. Since she hates running I was willing her some of my good running mojo.
  • I felt like I could have run the extra 5.2 miles today.
I hope this bodes well for my marathon in a few weeks. I was a bit nervous about running on my own since I had Giovanna's company on my last few long runs but this goes down as one of my best runs ever. The only bad thing to happen on the run? The bottle of Gatorade that I bought halfway through to refill my Camelbak was supposed to be orange, but was gross... I went for a massage a few hours after the run and it was probably one of the best decisions ever. I actually feel pretty good. In fact, I nearly fell asleep and that never happens for me during a massage.
By the way, if you are wondering whether I rushed to sign up for the brand new IM 70.3 in Calgary today, I didn't. But I have my reasons for that...


Run For Life said...

That's awesome - hopefully the great runs keep up!

Viv said...

Great on such a wonderful LONG run! Curious about the 70.3 non registration??

Sonia said...

Eh you can't leave us hanging like that!!! Not fair Missy lol

GREAT JOB ON THE 21 MILER!!!!!!!! I love it when you're at the peak of your training and feel like a 20miler is a ride in the park! Good job Leana!

Scott said...

Awesome job Leana!! i have a feeling the marathon is gonna be a good one for you ;)

Maddy said...

That sounds like a great run! You are so ready for your marathon!

How long are you going to keep us in suspense?

Road Warrior said...

You're amazing. You should be so proud of yourself. You're gonna rock this marathon.

RoadBunner said...

Congrats on the great long run! What's this special reason....?

rocketpants said...

Sounds like an awesome long run. I didn't know you were contemplating the HIM! Even contemplating...interesting. :-)

Danielle said...

Yay on the good run!! It is always nice to have that one good long run that makes you feel good before you run the marathon. I'm still waiting for that breakthrough one. I should've gone for a massage after my run tomorrow.

teacherwoman said...

Glad to hear the run was fantastic!

She Who Makes Waves said...

You are on your game mentally and physically! Good to hear your long one was great!

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