Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Breathe...

Tuesday morning found me at the pool and I had an absolutely terrific swim. It was a bit short since I kind of overslept, but it was a great one regardless. When I first started front crawling I can say that my breathing was definitely not as it should have been. I would take a quick breath in, hold it, then quickly exhale and quickly inhale. With all of that holding of my breath it was no wonder that I'd get my heart rate up pretty quickly. I think I'm starting to get the hang of the rhythm of this though and I felt like I was evenly breathing in and out during my entire swim and it was definitely feeling more fluid.
My second boot camp class was cancelled on Thursday due to rain, and it almost looked like it would happen again last night. Thankfully the weather gods smiled on us and it wound up being pretty sunny and quite the scorcher. It was leg workout day, and boy, was it a workout! We did all kinds of crazy lunges and squats with plenty of running before, during and after. On the cool down run I knew my legs were going to be tired today... It was such a great workout, and our instructor Elaine is definitely motivating.
I could tell that my legs were worked hard last night because my run this morning was a bit slower than my last few. I couldn't believe it, but I woke up...before my 4:36 am. I lounged in bed for a bit, then decided to get up and head outdoors. It had rained overnight and it felt so cool and fresh outside. Despite the early wake ups I love my morning runs!

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Sonia said...

yay for a great swim! =)