Wednesday, July 16, 2008

At A Crossroads

Yesterday morning I had an e-mail reminding me that fall registration for boot camp was now open. I love boot camp - I think the cross training I get is terrific. But when I registered for my summer session of boot camp I hadn't quite realized that biking, swimming (and hopefully yoga) would become so important to me. And well, I'm training for a marathon so running is just a given. I had to sit down and think about what I want to accomplish over the next few months once boot camp is over, and if it still figures into the equation.
  • I'm really enjoying swimming, and I know I could use some instruction to make sure I'm doing it properly and effectively. We'll see how the Strathmore Women's Tri goes, but I'm pretty sure this is something I may want to pursue further. Both the City of Calgary and the YMCA offer tri specific swimming classes in the fall. I think this is just what I need.
  • While the weather holds up I really want to take advantage of riding into work as much as possible. And riding + boot camp + possibly running = one very tired Leana.

So last night I went to check out the Y. I have said it over and over again, I am not a gym person. But the Y has a pool with lane swimming available almost all day, starting at 5:30 am all the way to 10:00 pm. Plus they offer that tri swimming class and triathlon cycle training. And if I really miss a good weight workout I can get that there too. I think I know what the answer is... They gave me a couple of guest passes so I can check the facility out, so perhaps tomorrow I'll go see what the pool looks like at 5:30 or 6:00 am...


teacherwoman said...

If I didn't have to go to the gym, I probably wouldn't. But, there isn't much for swimming around here, and nine out of the 12 months it's pretty much too cold or impossible to run or cycle outside. You do what you gotta do!

Sonia said...

sounds like a good deal to me. Lots of pool lane swimming. Here it'S only from 3:00 to 4:55PM!!