Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Recap

So...for starters I had 14 miles scheduled for Saturday. I met up with Giovanna at Baker Park at 6:30 for a run towards downtown and back. Running from Baker Park is kind of a tough run. The rolling hills over the first three miles are a killer, which you then get the benefit of running again on the way back. My legs were pooped. I'm not sure if it was because I ate so close to the start of the run, but I just was not interested in downing any gels on this run at all. Just Gatorade for me, and I don't think it impacted the run too badly. I stopped off at Starbucks, sat down on the couch to watch an episode of Shear Genius, then showered and left the house for most of the afternoon to run errands. No nap...which was maybe not a fantastic idea.
At 5:30 it was time to meet up with some of the girls for dinner, then it was off to a friend's stagette. We got together at a house, played some games, had some drinks and some snacks, then headed off to Ranchman's for some dancing and general shenanigans. Sigh, get a few tequila, lime and ginger ales in me coupled with an early wake up, a long run and no nap...I was done by 11:30... Party animal Leana... The evening was a blast though!
Sunday I thought about going for a long ride, but ultimately just decided to take it easy and finish doing a few things around the house. I figured my legs would appreciate a day off. This morning I got in a quick 3.3 miles around the neighborhood, then a ride in to work.


Claire said...

Sometimes a good party and some cocktails is SO worth missing a bike ride!

I'm glad you didn't languish from the lack of food on your run.

teacherwoman said...

Party animal Leana. hehee. Sounds like me! :)

Lily on the Road said...

OMG, Ranchman's, what a riot, is the Leather Bottle still next door??

Good job on Chillax'n with the girls!!!