Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So long to Boot Camp

Well, last night was my last boot camp class. It was technically a make up session for an earlier class that had been cancelled due to rain. For some reason our numbers over the session dwindled from 12 down to a class of 6 last night. For the final class it was "favourites" night. Because I had missed the previous class I didn't have a chance to pick my favourites, but a few of mine made it on the list. To start with we were sent on a warm up jog around the park. The other girls took off ahead of me and I was wondering what kind of warm up pace this was. I looked down at my Garmin and I was running a 10 min/mi - that is more my race pace as opposed to warm up pace! So...I think I mentioned this before but I tweaked something in my right calf during the marathon. It started to feel a lot better after some ART and massage this past weekend. I had no troubles during the tri on Monday, most likely because I was warmed up by the time I started running. I think running that pace right off the bat re-tweaked the calf and I could feel this little knot in there during the entire workout. Nothing too major, but not anything that I really want to push.
Anyhow, favourites night consisted of:
  • Suicide sprints between every activity
  • Hill runs
  • Jumping rope
  • Toe taps on a soccer ball
  • Push ups on an overturned BOSU ball
  • Squats with a medicine ball on a BOSU ball
  • Rowing with tubing
  • Tricep extensions with a weighted bar
  • Lunges with a weighted bar
  • A couple of different ab exercises

While doing the lunges the calf felt particularly tweaky so I switched to squats instead. The workout just flew by and a lot of the exercises challenged me and I really pushed myself. Once we were done it was time for a cool down jog that I didn't even make an attempt to keep up with the main pack for. The instructor almost lapped the last few of us she was running so fast! Between all the suicides and the laps around the park I clocked 2.29 mi of running!

And so...that's boot camp. I've decided to not continue with it for the fall so I can concentrate on other pursuits and I'm not sure that it will fit into my goals next year. I guess we'll see what happens!


Nikki said...

Yes okay, you caught me. I started my blog in Jan but lost track for awhile this summer. Picked it back up again but only just made it public. So far I'm liking the 'accountability' of writing about about my runs - keeps me on track! Thanks for the idea to start one in the first place!

Amanda said...

I'm always so inspired by the bootcamps you do...yet I can't get myself to sign up for one! I finally started doing some drills on my own and they are strangely empowering because you feel like they are so hard!

Wes said...

Boot camp sounds like a torture fest to me :-) But they are popular all over, fo sho!! Take care of that leg!

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

I LOVE the concept of 'Suicide Sprints'. I always thought I was OD'ing on track work, so you've given that condition a name, finally.

Maybe we can start referring to recovery runs as 'Rehab Runs'...

Sarah Elaine said...

You are a machine! Rock on, girl.