Friday, January 2, 2009

A good end to 2008

Fast 100s

I headed out to the pool early on Monday to crank out 2300 meters with a workout that my coach calls fast 100s. It felt really good to be in the pool and I had a whole lane all to myself and I pushed myself hard through those fast sets.

A Bust for Wine Tasting

On Tuesday we attempted to head down south towards Oliver for more wine tasting, only to come up somewhat short since the majority of the wineries tend to close between Christmas and New Years. I did manage to pick up this bottle, which I figured might be useful for a celebration sometime in the future. The question is, do I open it when I register or do I save it for when I finish the race?

Lights, Lights and More Lights

On our way back from down south we drove by to check out the Christmas lights around the neighborhood. There is one house that goes way out for their decorations. It is pretty impressive:
Fartleking Out 2008

On Wednesday it was time to get in my last run for the year and I had a Fartlek pyramid on the schedule. The neighborhood here is so hilly that I ran the same few flattish streets - up and down - to get the Fartleks in. I also had a spin session that I debated on skipping. Ultimately the thought of getting one last eggnog latte for the year was enough to convince me I should get my behind to the Y.

Spinning Like Lance

After lunch I hopped in the car to the Y, complete with my "Spin Like Lance" workout in hand. I found one upright bike free and hopped on. The fellow next to me noticed my workout sheet from my coach and he struck up a conversation asking me about nutrition. I'm so not the expert on that, but chatting with someone helped to take my mind off the workout and I was actually spinning faster talking with him then after he left. Riding the upright bike wasn't the same as doing the workout on the trainer, but it was an okay substitute. Afterwards it was time to head home and get ready...although I was very sad to learn that Starbucks was now out of eggnog... So much for my eggnog latte... :(

So Long 2008

New Year's was a pretty quiet affair as we were headed out for dinner at the Quail's Gate Winery. They weren't staying open for midnight though, so it was just dinner out.Here's me, just before heading out. I've forgotten to mention that I changed my hair colour again. Holy smokes it is dark... Dinner at Quail's Gate was fabulous. Scallops for an appetizer, beef tenderloin for a main, and a sumptuous chocolate trifle for dessert. Of course it was accompanied by some amazing wine. I was chatting with the sommelier about a tawny that they used to make several years ago. He came by the table later with a glass of this tawny...of which only 8 bottles are left at the I could taste it and compare it to a new tawny port that they made. That...was very nice...
The glass in the center is the good stuff... Afterwards it was back home and honestly, I'm not really one for midnight so I was in bed and asleep when 2009 came rolling through.

A Big Fat Zero for 01/01

I had a 45 minute run scheduled for Thursday and the snow was really coming down when I woke up. I lounged around in my PJ's until lunch hoping that it would slow down so I could get the run in...but no luck. It was snowing so badly that I really didn't feel comfortable driving over the Y, (and I did not want to start the year on the treadmill), so I just postponed it.

The Winery Loop Revisited

One of my favourite runs around here is to do a loop down to Quail's Gate, up the big hill to Mission Hill and back to the house. The snow had stopped today and I was getting a bit bored running the same neighborhood streets so I opted to go for the loop this morning. It was supposed to be chilly out, but the sunshine was out in full force so it felt amazing. I haven't been able to run the big hill up to Mission Hill in one go up until now, but today I took it nice and steady up the hill and made it up with no walk breaks. It was an amazing run!


RoadBunner said...

My vote is to save the wine for after the race.

I love your NYE top! I'm a purple person, too. Pretty!

Happy New Year!

Melanie said...

I agree, save the wine for post-race! Happy New Year!! All the best in 2009 -- looking forward to watching your kick-a$$ training :)

Badgergirl said...

I also agree. Save the wine for after the race.

Laurel said...

I LOVE the darker hair. You look beautiful!

I agree with everyone else. Definitely after the race. Looks like you'll just have to buy another bottle of something to celebrate with when you register. Haha.

Danielle said...

Sounds like a good night.

And hard as it is, I think it is worth holding the wine till the finish.

Run For Life said...

Another vote for post race.

Sounds like a fantastic run to start off the new year!

Run Mommy said...

Also save...nice pictures!

Marlene said...

No way! Awesome bottle of wine. I say definitely save it for after your rock the race.

You looked beautiful on NYE - it's always nice to see what we look like outside of running.

RunToFinish said...

man so many things to comment on...yum scallops are my fav!! The wine with ironman that is too cool and I loooove your glasses!!

Judi said...

happy 2009! get ready - set - go!


gawd, i miss wine.

Marcy said...

I agree with everyone else. Save it for after the race!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the darker hair. Very pretty :-)