Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh so tired..!!


I had a 30 minute run on the schedule and I knocked it out over lunch. My legs were tired from Tuesday's spin class. Not much to say about the run really, I just got it done!

Thursday - A Painful Swim

Today's swim was labeled an endurance one. On the warm up I realized my entire body was tired and hurting. There were five of us in the lane today and I could hang on to a couple of them, but it was tough. The entire 2200m workout felt like one gigantic speed session for me. As somewhat of a blow to the ego when I was leading and I turned at the wall I noticed one of the guys in the back was breast stroking since I guess I wasn't going fast enough for him. So much for thinking that I was busting my behind!!


Given my tired and painful swim I was a little nervous about running intervals over lunch today. I had 5 x 3:00 intervals to do. It was one of those amazing spring days here in Calgary. The sky was blue and it felt so amazing outside. The theme of today's run seemed to be how many people I recognized on the pathway. I saw my aunt and a coworker, plus I ran into Karen and Dawn a few times too! Here's how they went down:
  • 1 - 8:02/mi
  • 2 - 8:14/mi
  • 3 - 8:14/mi
  • 4 - 8:05/mi - Karen was cheering me on for this one!
  • 5 - 8:30/mi - Oy...that was tough...
I finished up with 5.5 miles. I went back to the office, ran through some lunges, squats, push ups and some core.

Shopping Spree

After work I stopped by Tri It to check out their sports bras. I wound up picking up one from CW-X that I'm looking forward to trying out. Once I get a chance to try it out I'm going to look at pulling together a review! I always love stopping by Tri It. Richelle and Rose are a lot of fun. That's the great thing about triathlon in this town - there are some amazing people involved in this sport!

After I left Tri It I headed over to Bow Cycle. I needed to pick up a new bottle cage so I could carry more than one water bottle on longer bike rides. They didn't have the exact cage that I already have...and since I wanted them to match I grabbed two... I also picked up a CO2 kit as well. I was carrying a small pump, but I think CO2 may be a better way to make sure that if I do flat, I am able to pressure my tire up enough. Then at the checkout I spied that they still had some chocolate mint GU! Love that stuff...!!

There is a new distraction...playoff hockey!! Last night I knew I needed to head to bed but the Vancouver Canucks were playing the St. Louis Blues and I couldn't not watch. I love, love, love the playoffs, especially when the Canucks are in it!


joyRuN said...

Dang! Nicely done with the swim & intervals (hello, speedy!).

I guess I should be glad we only have one sad little running store & bike shop nearby - I'd be getting carried away otherwise.

Carlee said...

Go Pens!!!!

Lily on the Road said...

Gawd girl, you're making me tired just reading about your workouts...I like the bottle cages...hmmmm, I might have to "get me some"

Lauren said...

Oh you Canadians and hockey...

I agree with Lily. I'm tired just reading your workouts. Good job getting it all done.

Wes said...

Eating Mint Gu = 8 minute miles, I's going shoppin! :-)

lindsay said...

geeze when do you get it all in! i don't think i'd have time for anything else if i was doing these workouts. sleep, maybe. :)

aron said...

yummm choc mint gu! i only have one left :(

Run For Life said...

Whoa, way to get it all done!

I agree, GO CANUCKS GO!!! (19:51 left vs St. L. and keeping fingers crossed)

Rainmaker said...

Ohhhh...CO2. There is so much fun to be had there! And it makes your life SOOOOO much easier when things go wrong. Btw nicely done on the run, I see sub-8 in your future soon. ;)

Melanie said...

Thanks so much for comment on my last post -- makes a lot of sense, so thanks again! Speedy swims, great job!

Downhillnut said...

Ah, you were doing speedwork - that explains how focused (and fast!) you looked out there on the path.

Chocolate Mint Gu is the best gel flavour EVAR. Enjoy :)