Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spin Ups Paid Off!

It looks like the consensus seems to be Body Glide is required to help prevent chaffing from a heart rate monitor strap. I'll probably poke around Team Estrogen a bit to see if any of there are any other bras out there that might be worth a try though. I bailed on riding with a heart rate monitor at spin class tonight. I think it is going to be at least a week before this little bit of chaffing manages to clear up so I'll have to get over knowing one less number for all of my workouts for a bit. Angie worked us hard at spin class as we went through a bunch of low cadence strength sets. My legs were ready to work though! I am sure that yesterday's spin up session helped to clear up any remaining lactic acid in the legs so I was feeling pretty strong on the bike tonight.

Hmm, what else... I'm thinking...hoping...that I am in for good with the faster kids at swimming. I love having them push me, but I am noticing that my form gets completely shot by the end of the class as I tire out. There was a little bit of drama this morning as one lady wanted to do her own thing which included passing the group as we were all turning at the wall. It got a little messy...probably not the best time to pass... And it will make my friend Angry happy, I tried the butterfly stroke for the first time today!

And finally, here's a question for my triathlete buddies out there. One of my girlfriends wants to prepare for her first tri this summer. She wants to race the Strathmore Women's Triathlon. She asked me if I could point her in the right direction for a training plan. I looked at the freebie ones on Beginner Triathlete and they all looked pretty interesting. Does anyone else have any other places to look for some good, beginner friendly sprint triathlon plans?


Run For Life said...
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Run For Life said...

Stupid chafing! I hope it heals up quickly for you. I have a Nike bra that's pretty nice but the closure in the back bothers me so if you find a great bra let us know (and I will if I do!)

Kudos on trying the butterfly!!!

Missy said...

Go with the faster kids! Hang in there with them.

I think I used beginner triathlete for my first but I like Gale Bernhardt's plans a bunch - she has many books with many options in there for all kinds of distances.

Marlene said...

You know what I just noticed? I have chafing on my actual breast - under the nipple. What the heck is that from?! (Sorry for the TMI, especially if any guys are reading this - LOL!)

Now that my distances are slwoly getting up there, I think I need to get friendly with the BodyGlide again.

Awesome job on the workouts, as always!

Wes said...

The plans on BT are fine. I've used them. I've also used the plans on trinewbie.com. There's a book on Google Books, Triathlon in 4 hours a week that is on there in its entirety. It has a six week plan that is very basic. I used it for my first sprint tri.

lindsay said...

the chafage must be pretty bad :( hope it gets better soon! i get it sometimes from my hr strap and/or sports bra but never bad enough to make me quit wearing either.

Speed Racer said...

My opinion (endorsed by Angry): Throw out the HRM.

Body Glide will help, but what about AQUAPHOR for the chafing?!?! Haha, I'm so funny!

I chafe like crazy too. I had to stop running with an HRM because I would get such horrible chafing from it. Body Glide (or AQUAPHOR) does seem to help, though. Good luck!

Badgergirl said...

Chafing. I hate it.

I used the training plan in the book "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Triathlon Training" when I did my first sprint tri last summer. It was helpful. I'd recommend it.

Bob Almighty said...

On the HRM...I have a whole post planned about making ourseleves slaves to the Gods Polar, Garmin, and Timex.

On the swimming thing you've gotten up to butterfly...when you start doing IMs then you transitioned over into the world of the swimmers...muhahahahaha!