Sunday, July 12, 2009

Where did the week go?

Wow…where has the time gone?  I can’t believe the weekend is almost over.  This week was somewhat of a fail on getting workouts done…  I know, I just raced a half Iron last weekend, and even though I was recovering that didn’t mean that I would get the whole week off.  Here is the breakdown:
- Cycling: 2 rides scheduled for a total of 3 hours.  I rode once for just over 2.5 hours.
- Running: 2 runs scheduled for a total of 1:45 hours.  I ran twice…for a total of 50 minutes.
- Swimming: 2 swims for 1:30, but I only swam once.
So what have I been doing if it wasn’t really working out?

Friday was rodeo day at the Calgary Stampede!  I caught the afternoon show with barrel racing, bronco riding, bull riding and a few other fun activities. Once the rodeo was over we went to check out the food available at the midway.  Warm beef sundae anyone?  (No, I didn’t eat it, I just took a picture of someone random stranger’s.  I swear I wasn’t the only one to do that!)

How about some pizza on a stick?DSCN0439
A guy gave me a $10 food voucher which I put towards some deep fried Oreos…DSCN0447
After we were done damaging our arteries it was on to an event offsite event at Fort Calgary – Glass Tiger and Tom Cochrane with Red Rider!!!  This was a super fun event.  Sleeman is the sponsor here (as opposed to Budweiser who sponsors the Stampede) so the beverages are better…  Plus your ticket includes a dinner of beef on a bun, baked beans, coleslaw and a fruit cup.  Tom Cochrane was fantastic and was a really fun night.DSCN0477 
Saturday was a busy day of errands.  Off to the hairdresser, then a quick drive to Balzac to stop in at Bass Pro Shops to pick up a birthday present for my brother.  As my hairdresser put it, they did a good job keeping a taxidermist in business with that store!  DSCN0478
I was supposed to have a long run of an hour that afternoon, but when I got home I was bagged.  A nap in front of the Tour sounded like a much better idea. 

Sunday Pam and I rode a portion of the Calgary 70.3 bike route.  We basically rode the Grand Valley – Horse Creek loop portion.  The weather was terrific and it was a fun ride.  We capped the ride off with a 20 minute brick and a trip to MacKay’s for some ice cream!  I tried Infinit for the first time on the bike today.  I had brought one bottle of Infinit and some gel to round out my nutrition for the rest of the ride.  I only drank my one bottle of Infinit, so I definitely didn’t take enough in on the bike.  It made for a fairly painful brick run…  Lesson learned that I need more on a 2.5 hour ride.

In the afternoon I went out grocery shopping…and came home with a BBQ!  I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a larger BBQ (I have an itty bitty Patio Caddie at the moment).  I thought I found a good deal at Superstore, but opted to check Home Depot out before I committed, and found a really good deal there.  But it was 6 pm and the sale ended at 8 pm…and they didn’t have the one I wanted in stock.  Cue the running around to another Home Depot to locate my dream BBQ.  I lucked out, somehow managed to get it into my front yard (?) and spent the rest of the evening assembling it.  Isn’t it beautiful?DSCN0481
As soon as the BBQ was together I went inside and made myself a peanut butter sandwich for dinner and sat down in front of the Tour.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!  Be sure to check out Marlene’s giveaway!!


joyRuN said...

Enjoy your lovely new grill! Thanks to mine, I think I've cooked one meal indoors for the past two weeks.

And mmmm... fried oreos....

lindsay said...

ohh junk food, soo appealing :) yummm.

still sounds like you got in some good workouts to me! the new grill looks sweet. i wanna get one but ... i don't grill so i know it'd never get used! maybe when i'm married. ;)

teacherwoman said...

Even though you didn't get in all your scheduled workouts, you had a good week!

Nice new grill. Very lovely! :)

Marlene said...

I think you earned that rest week and it's not like you did nothing.

Sounds like Stampede was a blast. Talk about FOOD!

Nice BBQ, but I had to laugh that you had a PB&J sandwich after setting it up. Grilled PB&J? LOL!

Thanks for linking me up!

Lauren said...

Haha. Did you at least grill the peanut butter sandwich?

I think you'll be okay with a few skipped workouts the week after an ironman. I don't know if you'll ever be okay after eating a beef sundae though.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Nice job on the grill!! Looks put together like a pro, lol at the sandwich. Sounds like a great recovery week :)

Keith said...

Nice BBQ. You're braver than me, I wouldn't dare try to assemble one. Way to many anonymous little nuts and bolts.

Peanut butter sandwiches are the food of champs!! Good all times, all places.

I thought you were done with Stampede, and more particularly, the pics of food at stampede. OMG. Good thing I wasn't eating. Now I don't want to anymore.

ShirleyPerly said...

I think it's important to take time off after a hard race. You definitely earned it. And now I don't feel so bad about my one hot dog in 30 years :-)

Missy said...

Deep fried gooo, OMG, that makes my gut hurt just to think about it.

Love a grill, love the clean up, so easy.

Melinda said...

Now I've got "Thin Red Line" singing in my head. I can't believe Glass Tiger is still around. I'm with the above comments - you should have at least grilled the PB & J.

Emily said...

Mmmmmm- pizza on a stick? That sounds amazing. -e

Running~Jordan said...

Action packed post!

I saw Glass Tiger as a young girl at Calaway Park :)

How was the Infinit? I have a giant container of it I won't use. I didn't choose enough flavour when I created my own mix online. Yarks.

Aaron Cunningham said...

Deep fried Oreo looked fantastic.

Nice grill. Di you at least toast the bread for the PB&J on it? :)