Sunday, July 19, 2009

Words for the Week

There are two words that can describe my workouts for this week:


Wow, did I get some swim workouts in this week!  Swim #1 was Monday, 2000m of a mixed swim set.  Swim #2 on Wednesday, a 2100m swim test.  I also got in swim #3 for 2000m on Friday.  It was an interval swim, and I used the numbers I got from Wednesday’s test for my interval times.  Swim #4 was on Saturday, a fun pull focused workout.  I’m really enjoying swimming on my own at the downtown Y as I logged 8300m for the week.


There was a whole lot of up and down going on this week.  Let’s review, shall we?

Tuesday: Hill repeats on the bike at Edworthy.  1779 ft of climbing.
Wednesday: Bike ride from the car dealership home, 762 ft of climbing.
Thursday: Downhill 2:00 run into work.  -968 ft.
Saturday: 1:00 hill run downtown.  741 ft of climbing.
Sunday: 100K hilly ride on tap.  This ride is so special that it gets it own post!

Saturday’s run was a good one!  One hour of as much up and down as possible.  I wasn’t feeling too inspired for a hilly route, but thanks to my friends on Facebook the suggestions came pouring in.  Since I was planning on swimming the winner was a route around downtown.  I started at the Y, ran up Center Street Bridge, up and down McHugh Bluff a few times and back.  It wasn’t a fast paced run at all, but I knew I worked my legs hard.  After running in the heat and humidity it felt great to jump in the pool for my 2000m pull focused workout!

In other news, I finally tested my BBQ out for the first time tonight!  I grilled up some delicious sausages I picked up from the Calgary Farmers’ Market, along with some fresh veggies.  This BBQ works so much better than my old one!  This is the first time I haven’t completely overcooked sausages on the grill before.  Yay!DSCN0488


Missy said...

You always have a good lookin dinner! I swear. New grill is good!

Yay for feeling like a fish. That's some great distance there. You're arms will be huge soon;)

cami said...

Great workout. And that food is making me really hungry. :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Great job on the workouts!!! Glad to see you didn't try the grill with a PB&J sandwich :D

Wes said...

fish with a side of hills? sounds good, but I too would rather have those yummy sausages. When's lunch? FEED ME!!!

RunToFinish said...

wow that is some serious hill work for 1 week!

teacherwoman said...

Umm, did you take ANY days of rest this past week? LOL

Marlene said...

Nice workouts!

Dinner loosk good, too. :)

Badgergirl said...

Lots of hills. And lots of time swimming with the fishes. Nice job!

ShirleyPerly said...

Great week of training!! Definitely looks like some solid swim work to me.

And I'm glad your new BBQ worked well. Now you've got me hungry for some dinner!

lindsay said...

that dinner looks amazing right now, even though it's 9am. i'm a bit hungry :)

nice job on the hills! i find myself avoiding them as much as possible ;) i know, not good. way to attack them!