Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Burning off the freeze!

Wow…what a busy day!!  I had planned to run over lunch but it wound up being a day filled with meetings.  I got out of meeting #3 at 12:30 and my stomach was rumbling and only had a short window of time before meeting #4.  On the plus side there were some really exciting things that came out of my meetings and it is going to be a really interesting time at work in the next little bit!

I scrambled from meeting #4 to the dentist where I had an itty bitty filling that had to happen in one of my wisdom teeth.  According to the girls at the front desk a little activity would help the freezing wear off faster.  So…no excuses to get that run in after I got home, right?

I took my drooling, frozen mouth on a 4+ mile run around the neighbourhood.  I managed to start off with some speed in the beginning but there was some serious huffing and puffing near the end.  Wow, why does it feel like the good runs are so few and far between lately?  Oh well, I got it done!  At the end of the run?  Mouth…still frozen..!!  So much for that theory, eh?

Time for bed, then off to the pool tomorrow!  Have a great night all!


Marlene said...

Holy busy day! I'm impressed that you squeezed in the run immediately post-dentist. I usually don't feel like doing ANYTHING after the dentist!

Wes said...

LOL... I thought you were going to tell me y'all were frozen up there already :-)

Lily on the Road said...

there is no way I'd run after going to the dentist, you are hard core girl!

Julie said...

Another wives' tale put to rest... LOL!

Badgergirl said...

Impressed on the run right after the dentist. I swear it always takes like 8 hours for the freezing to wear off.