Thursday, October 29, 2009

What’s your pH?

I remember when I was younger I was fascinated by the Dove commercial where they compared the pH levels of different soaps.  And me being the science nerd that I am I used to love playing around with litmus and universal indicator paper to read pH back in high school chemistry class.  pH, pOH…I still find it fascinating.  Anyhow…this morning I actually got out of the house on time and made it down to the Y just as the doors were opening at 5:30 am.  I wanted to knock my swim out asap so I could hurry into work.  I was the second person on the pool deck, but the lifeguard wasn’t letting anyone in the water just yet because the pH had just tested high on the water.  Apparently the pH was at 7.8 and ideally it should be around 7.5.  7.8 or above and the pool has to be closed.

At this point in time an older gentleman who had already put his earplugs in wanders onto the pool deck and starts getting in the water.  The lifeguard tries to stop him but he seems pretty nonplussed about the high pH.  When the first lady on the deck sees him get in she gets antsy and asks what the detriment of swimming in high pH water would be.  Apparently really bad skin irritation is the side effect and that wasn’t enough to scare her off.  I chose to wait around until they got their second test back…where the results came in that it was still a high pH, but that we could swim.  I was just advised to shower really well.  Hmm, excellent.

So much for getting to the pool early, but at least I still got my swim in!  My workout was a good one.  Just what I needed to reinforce body position and technique in the water.  Lots of fingertip drag, some flipper work, concentrating on decreasing stroke count.  It was good!

And hey, guess what I did tonight?  I carved my first ever pumpkin!  Pam and I picked up pumpkins a couple of weeks ago at the Farmer’s Market.  We got together this evening for some yummy Indian food and to create our works of art.  Sadly my pumpkin was a little overripe and the inside was a bit liquidy.  The pumpkin was still good to go for carving though!DSCN1687-cropped

Pam’s is the one in the middle.  You can tell this wasn’t her first pumpkin.  She even free styled her carving!  Mine is the one on the right.  He has shifty eyes, uneven ears and some wonky teeth.  Plus he’s rotten, but he’s mine anyway!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and a great Halloween!!!!


joyRuN said...

Great job on the pumpkins!

I'd rather swim in 7.8pH water than scummy bay water with a visible film on it anyday :)

Missy said...

I'd be itching like a monkey today!

Love the pumpkins. You know, I've never carved one myself either. Dad just used to do it when I was younger.

RunToTheFinish said...

your first pumpkin...blasphemy!! This is the first year I haven't carved a's really a pain in the arse, but so fun with friends.

My parents stopped using chlorine in their pool for some other chemical and it was sooo nice my skin felt great

Marlene said...

Hope you showered well!

Aw, I love your wonky rotten pumpkin. :) I can't believe you've never carved one before!! (This reminds me, I'd better get busy on mine...)

Julie said...

You have a gorgeous pumpkin!! Good job on your first ever carving!!! Can't believe that it was your first time carving one!

Hey -- have you ever bobbed for apples? OMG!!! If not -- you must put this on your to-do list!!! I'll even make a special trip up to Calgary and bob with you! :) :) :) Hee-hee!!

smilinggreenmom said...

Holy Pumpkins Batman! Really? Your first pumpkin? Well, I happen to agree that he is absolutely wonderful! I too have heard of some new chemical that is not chlorine and it is supposed to be really gentle? I admire your running efforts BTW, as I am just a few yrs older than you and since retiring from swimming...I have not done very well at staying buff. I want so much to run or something but I just get so sore. Thankfully I have my heating pillow and my Topricin pain cream....but it is blog's like yours that keep me motivated! Thanks and Happy Halloween :)

Lily on the Road said...

Happy Halloweenie to you too! Sounds like your pumpkin is just right for tomorrow and cute too by the way!!

Did you roast the seeds?? They are soooo good!

Judi said...

i hate it when silly things like PH levels get in the way of a good w/o. :)

Wes said...

I'm entirely against being human ceviche, but hey, I've never heard of pool PH before :-)

Keith said...

Pool PH, shmool ph. If pool staff tell you something is wrong with the balance, all it means is that they haven't been paying attention. Or that a lot of people have been peeing in the pool.

Nice pumpkins! How did you get to be your age without ever carving a pumpkin?

Rainmaker said...

Wait, you've never carved a pumpkin before?

I'm sorry.

What about trick-or-treating?

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice job on the pumpkins! I haven't carved one in so long I probably would cut myself trying :-P

And I'm not sure if it was high pH or what but a couple times I swam and my teeth got really squeaky and my mouth went numb after swimming (couldn't drink out of my water bottle). Maybe too much chlorine?