Thursday, December 24, 2009

Getting to the Barossa

Friday - Sunday

Merry Christmas all!  So much has been going on, but thanks to a decisive lack of internet I haven’t really sat down to write about it.  I left Calgary on Friday night for a marathon journey to Australia.  The plan was to fly Calgary – Vancouver – Sydney – Adelaide.  I’d meet my folks in Sydney, we’d fly to Adelaide together, then hop in a car and drive to the Barossa.  It was an interesting trip – flight delays out of both Calgary and Vancouver and what wound up being a very tight connection in Sydney.  Drunk row mates who ask you in line for immigration if they look okay.  Sure…if you ignore the completely bloodshot eyes…  But thanks to a little bit of luck I made it to Adelaide on time and nearly cankle free thanks to a pair of fuchsia Recovery Socks.

So in true Runner Leana family vacation style, we hopped in the rental car and took off south of Adelaide to the McLaren Vale to hopefully catch one wine tasting before things closed down.  We made it to d’Arenburg for an absolutely lovely tasting.  Their wine is pretty readily exported and more than likely you can find their Stump Jump series in your local wine shop.DSCN1945DSCN1934

After running through the wines at d’Arenburg things were starting to close down (it was about 4:30), so we stopped at a restaurant for a bit of dinner first.  A lamb pizza with tzatziki on top, plus another meat lovers type.DSCN1942

And with that, it was time to make our way back to Adelaide and on to the Barossa!

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