Monday, January 18, 2010

Dizzy, dizzy…

Wow, it is amazing the difference a few hours can make! Today was a 30 minute run that I knocked out over my lunch break. I will be honest, I had been feeling a little dizzy off and on during the morning (this time not related to food though). I waited a bit before getting going, but once I started running I felt amazing! The tired and heavy legs of yesterday were gone. Running in the sunshine felt terrific!

There is an underpass on the pathway that had been blocked off lately thanks to layers of ice and snow from where the river had risen up at one point. They must have brought one heck of a plough through to clear that pathway! There were massive chunks of ice just off the pathway and it was crazy. I really do need to take my camera out there one of these days…I may have said that before… Anyhow, definitely a great run with no dizziness issues on the run.
Have you ever looked at a workout and felt like throwing up just as you read it? That’s pretty well how I felt when I saw my swim workout for tonight! It involved a whole lot of 6 kick rolls, head lead side kick, arm lead side kick… Just seeing that made me feel dizzy so I found a different workout to do instead that didn’t involve quite so much rolling around, more regular swimming.

I need to develop some kind of habit and I think that is going to be making swimming in the evening during the week a regular thing. Checking out the schedule at the YMCA this evening my best bet was to show up at 8 pm this evening. I slipped into one of the slow lanes. In the medium lane next to me were two guys swimming. One guy was wearing some fancy pants Michael Phelps style full leg swimsuit. He was doing butterfly up and down the pool. Up and down. The other guy was swimming behind him to check out his stroke.

I had a warm up of 200 m swim/200 m kick/200 m swim. I kept losing count on my kick set because I was too busy watching the butterfly guy. It really was a beautiful thing to watch.

The workout wound up being a pretty good one. I had a pretty good feel for the water and it went well. 2000 m done. I think. I did keep losing count after all!


lilmeg said...

Leana, I wish you lived closer to me so I could just convince myself to follow you to workouts. Your motivation is amazing!!!

D10 said...

Glad the swimming went well. I am awful at keeping count. Way to fit it all in yesterday.

Marlene said...

Sounds like a great run! I'm hoping to get out at lunch today myself.

I often wonder how you swimmers keep track of all of those laps.

Julie said...

You are so lucky to have seen that guy do butterfly!!! I wish I could have been there!!

It's not very often I get to witness a REAL swimmer. :) :) :)

Mike Russell said...

So did you puke? That does look like a tough workout in the pool. What are the temps there that you are running outside again?

Wes said...

You know you are training for Ironman when your warm ups get longer than your main sets from the beginning of the year :-)