Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Notes

Early Morning Swim:

This is the first time I've actually made it the entire way through my workout! We did 6 x 200 m intervals and I got faster over the intervals. It was great! No flip turns today though. Just thinking about them makes my head hurt after Wednesday!

Tuesday Night Spin Class:

I had a great time at class tonight! I was chatting with the ladies around me, asking about their Ironman Canada experiences. What do you wear under your wetsuit? Do you change between disciplines? Do you wear uber-padded bike shorts? What's your nutrition strategy on the bike? It was a lot of fun. Plus I found out that women can chafe in...unique...places..! Get friendly with the Body Glide ladies! We did a quick spin up challenge to see just how high we could get our RPM up to. Apparently there are a couple of guys in our group that can see 200 or more?? I got up to 163 and felt happy that my bike was firmly locked in the trainer. Fun stuff!

After Spin Class:

I've forgotten that you can't leave anything within reach of Maggie, my parents' Scottish terrier! Remember the Halloween candy incident? Tonight she knocked a bag over and took out a toque (which she left alone, normally she really likes knitwear), Adidas tech hat (which she tried a few bites of, but pretty well left it alone so it is still wearable), but grabbed a toothbrush out, tore it out of its packaging and ate the head off. Yikes, how this girl manages to get up to so much trouble I have no idea!

And tomorrow:

Is a rest day!

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Marci said...

Wow you are kickin' butt! Enjoy a well-deserved rest day!

Ryan said...

Just so ya know...the "boyz" can have some interesting chaffing during an Ironman as well; showering afterwards was almost yoga like trying to keep the water away from some areas.

Enjoy the rest.

Marlene said...

Ouch! Please invest in plenty of BdyGlide.

Enjoy your res day!

Missy said...

YES, you got to lube everywhere and don't be shy in that changing tent...there's usually a butt or boob staring you in the eye doing the same thing. Change during IM, YES, for me. NO on superpadded shorts on a tri bike. Let's just say it hurts the 'soft tissue' down there. More than you ever needed to know, I'm sure.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

You're doing so well with your workouts, enjoy the day off, it's well deserved for sure! Great tip about the chafing... i'll have to remember that!

teacherwoman said...

Enjoy the rest day Leana! :) You deserve it!

Scott said...

I am all too familiar with the whole dog chewing incidents...thank goodness the Timex Ironman watch/HR monitor didn't taste too good to my dog ;) I have to keep the shoes behind closed doors at all times or risk seeing them in pieces around the yard a few days later if you know what I mean LOL

RoadBunner said...

You are a busy bee! Sounds like things are going great. Animals get into the strangest things, huh?

joyRuN said...

I was in the pool on Monday just getting more & more envious of all the swimmers just flip-turning their little hearts out.