Monday, November 19, 2007

My weekend wrap up - what not to do with Halloween candy

My weekend in review... Things started off fairly well on track on Saturday. I got up and went down to Eau Claire for my 6 mi run. I ran into Instructor S and her TNT group but started out on my own, running 3 mi west down the river pathway and returning back. I ran my 5.5 mi in memory of Ryan Shay, hit the lap button, and picked the pace up for my last 0.5 mi. Plan for Saturday completed - 6 mi done.
That afternoon I headed out to run errands, attempt some Christmas shopping and met up with my sister-in-law for dinner. We chit chatted, then attempted to meet up with my brother for a movie. We got to the theatre way too late so opted to hit Moxies for a quick beverage instead. They took off for the 9 pm showing of the movie they were interested in, and I took off for home with hopes of getting a good night's sleep so I could knock my 12 mi out early, then head into the office. I got home to a veritable mess....Halloween candy wrappers all over the living room floor - Aero, Twix, Crunch, Rockets, Sweet Tarts, Starburst.... holy smokes. I count up the chocolate wrappers and initially see about 10. I look at Maggie (my Scottie dog) and she is looking fat and guilty. Finlay (my Westie) is his usual hyperactive self. Without thinking I open my front door to let them into the yard while I further survey the mayhem in the living room. After a few minutes I look outside and the front gate is open and they are gone. Crap! Maggie hadn't gotten too far but Finlay was enjoying his newfound freedom. I scoop Maggie up and deposit her indoors, but then have to chase Finlay around the neighborhood a bit. Finally he stops to water one of my neighbor's lawns so I scoop him up and go back home. I call the emergency vet and they recommend taking my pups in to induce vomiting since it looks like they have ingested enough chocolate to do some damage. Maggie - the little alpha female/canine hoover that she is - wound up being the only one that actually did the eating it turns out. Finlay came home that night - a little pissed off at his vet encounter, and with a black face from the charcoal slurry they tried to get down his throat that he wasn't too happy about. Maggie stayed overnight for further observation, but got to come home at 8 am on Sunday. Needless to say I was not feeling like following the schedule I had originally planned on for Sunday. I picked up Maggie, then opted to hit the grocery store, then got my run in a little later on in the afternoon. It was pretty windy out and I couldn't really wrap my head around the run so I decided to end at about 3.14 miles so that I could go home and fix dinner and relax a bit.
This weekend is a big one - 8.5 miles on Saturday and 17 miles on Sunday so hopefully I'm able to eek all of that mileage out. These last two weeks I have had trouble getting around the run on day 2 (although really I can see that I may be entitled to a buy this week). Maybe I'm running too fast on Saturdays so that I'm too drained by Sunday? Maybe life is catching up with me? Hopefully I can pull it out this weekend though!


Amanda said...

Oh that's scary, chocolate is about the only thing I know to be bad for animals...hmm that doesn't mean there's a reason we shouldn't eat it does there?

Next weekend sounds crazy, but you are so in shape it will be a breeze.

Dog lady and publisher said...

Apparently raisins and grapes are also a nono.

We've covered this episode over at the Scottie News where we get the Scottie scoops.

Dog lady and publisher said...

Whoops, here's the URL for the Scottish Terrier and Dog News.

Danielle said...

Ah...aren't dogs great? :) At least it wasn't baking chocolate and/or dark...that would've probably done some major damage.

Don't blame you for the plan changing. That is going to be a big one next weekend!!

Michelle said...

WOW! What a scare. Glad the pups are okay.

I was supposed to run 17 this weekend but only got in 5...I am going to try to do the 17 on Thursday.

BTW, I am doing Disney...just the marathon...not goofy!

Maddy said...

Ahhh, the dogs. A few months ago, my boxer drank some transmission fluid. It turned out to not be a lot, but scary all the same.

You definitely earned a buy.

I tagged you. You're it!

Angry Runner said...

My idiot ate rat poison one day. He ended up perfectly fine.

Take time off when you need it. It's good for the legs.

greg said...

Amazing that the most comments of any posts I've seen recently are because of your dogs - not running.

You have my permission to slow down a bit.

No Wetsuit Girl said...

Of course it was the little girl dog that ate all the chocolate. Some things never change! I'm glad that they're both okay though. Let's hope they've learned a lesson.

You run at "Eau Claire"? Is it named after ME?! My mom says "Eau Claire" sometimes, but it's usually when I do something that she doesn't approve of.

DGB said...

I'm not letting you off the hook like the rest. You're a slacker :) You'd better run your A$$ off this week :) And don't think I'm going to run with you

Laurel said...

Oh no!

I had a similar thing happen with my old dog. He looooved getting into Halloween candy. Unfortunately he induced vomiting all by himself, if you catch my drift. I'm so glad they are ok!!

You are going to do great this weekend! Life catches up with you, but all those miles will help to clear your head.