Saturday, June 23, 2007

BBC Fitness Assessment

This morning I had my fitness assessment for Bikini Boot Camp. I signed up to get some new cross training into my workout, and boy, did I pick the right class! I met my instructor and we started going through my paperwork, where of course you have to mention any injuries you've had. We started talking about my stress fracture from last year, and how it developed when I started to train for a full marathon, the Nike Women's in San Francisco. Turns out my instructor was the TNT coach in Calgary for that event last year, and this year she is training with a group to return and run again. How great to meet some people that will be there for the event as well!

I learned some interesting things today. First off, I'm doing not too badly on the fitness scale! (Not sure why I'm surprised about this, I have been working really hard. I am still not good at "man" push ups though, but I have been assured that this will change.) Secondly, she had a look at my shoes and how I was standing. She could tell I'm not striking off on my right foot properly, and that I'll have to work and pay attention to my form, or else I may be susceptible to IT band issues. Apparently it is really common for women since we have weaker hips, and a lot of hip stability exercises are going to be built into the boot camp workouts. Excellent! She also suggested I start using a foam roller on a regular basis. And of course she suggested to keep going with hill training for San Francisco, but to start incorporating fatigue or speed training to help out with Goofy. Oh, and she also mentioned yoga being a great addition. Good thing I'm going for that 3 hour "yoga for runners" workshop tomorrow..!!

Class starts the second week of July and lasts for 8 weeks. I'm really excited about it. I think I'm going to get a lot out of it to help improve my running.

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