Friday, June 29, 2007


I am excited about the Calgary Marathon race expo next weekend. I'm a big fan of running skirts and I never run in shorts anymore. They are much more comfortable and it helps to avoid the rather annoying and painful "chub rub." Tights are a cold weather necessity, but I abhor those as well (mostly because they are so darn unforgiving). favorite running skirt company, Skirt Sports, is having a booth at the expo, and with any luck I'll be able to pick up one of these:

I figure the zebra stripes are bound to make me look fast....

There is also another company, Running Skirts, that is also going to have a booth at the expo. Maybe it is worthwhile trying another brand to see how it compares? I have a New Balance skirt that just arrived in the mail that I will be trying out soon, so we'll see how I like that one. Ah, who said running was an inexpensive sport?


Michelle said...

Love your blog. I am planning on the Disney Marathon on Sunday! Should be a good time it will be my second visit ever to the magic kingdom!

Good lick on your race next weekend. Skirts rule!

Anonymous said...

ever tried this company?
they are pretty new, but seem to be getting great reviews elsewhere (atalanta)